PHOTO REPORT: Disney Springs 6/9/20 (New Face Mask Suppliers, Pride Merchandise, and More!)


PHOTO REPORT: Disney Springs 6/9/20 (New Face Mask Suppliers, Pride Merchandise, and More!)


PHOTO REPORT: Disney Springs 6/9/20 (New Face Mask Suppliers, Pride Merchandise, and More!)

It was a hot, humid day here in Florida. Classic weather to go check out what’s new at Disney Springs!

WoD waiting

There’s been a bit of a shake-up recently over the morning routine for those wishing to be amongst the first to shop in World of Disney. After opening day of the store, with Orange Garage opening at 8am, World of Disney opened its doors two hours early to guests, which we assume was to avoid a crowd from gathering. After a few days of that, they went back to opening at 10am, but utilizing the virtual queue for those guests arriving between 8am and 10am. Recently, the virtual queue didn’t open until 9am, and today, we thought they might wait until later as well. After making our power walk along with this determined gentleman, we were greeted by closed and locked doors.


Our patience was rewarded, however, as Cast Members opened the virtual queue at 8:15am. Disney certainly is keeping us on our toes when it comes to opening policies!


Both the Marketplace Co-Op and Once Upon A Toy opened at 10am without activating their virtual queue.

WoD opening crowd 1

After a quick loop, we came back for the 10am opening of World of Disney. As return texts were sent out en masse, this crowd gathered as some attempted to maintain social distance while also staking their claim to enter the store. The gentleman who had been first to the virtual queue was insistent that he needed to be first into the store, as he was first in the queue, and that we be second, as we were second in the queue. While we appreciate his enthusiasm, he does point out a flaw in the virtual queue system, in that if Disney sends return texts out by the group as they have been doing the past few mornings, it does defeat the purpose of arriving early, since it then becomes about who gets in line to enter the store first at 9:55am.

Rainbow display

Once inside, we found the Rainbow Collection displayed quite nicely together, along with some new pieces.

Rainbow ornament

This rainbow castle ornament was new today, and retails for $24.99.

Rainbow lightup necklace

This light-up Mickey Mouse head necklace was also new and retails for $15.96.


We spotted a bright addition to the Magic Band area on our way in. This on-trend color matches the new summer merchandise line perfectly! For more pictures and information, read our full article here.

Americana ears

We found just a few of these Americana Minnie Mouse ear headbands out today. Are you almost ready for Fourth of July?

Vincent pin

Even though it’s not the usual day for new pin releases, we found three new pins today. The first one was this Open Edition V.I.N. CENT L.F. 396 pin, which retails for $12.99.

Tinkerbell pin

The second was this open edition Tinker Bell pin, originally due to debut in the parks in April, retailing for $9.99.

Cheshire pin

And lastly was this open edition Cheshire Cat pin, originally due to debut in the parks in April, retailing for $9.99.


We found today’s edition of “Look Up” as we were leaving World of Disney. This one is a little different than normal, but no less fun. Can you spot her?


Don’t forget to look up!

animated movie phone cases d-tech

At the Marketplace Co-Op, we found a fun set of Ink & Paint D-Tech phone cases, featuring characters from classic Disney animated feature films. For pictures of the full line, and more details, read our article here.

Erin McKenna bakes

Lots of delicious-looking treats were being made fresh when we went by Erin McKenna’s Bakery. We love watching the magic happen!

Chef art smith construction

Speaking of magic, three different construction projects have been underway recently. Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ hasn’t had any visible progress lately, but there are always workers over there getting things done!

Lululemon construction

This is the best view we have of the construction at the future Lululemon. We couldn’t see any work being done, but we could definitely hear it!

City works construction3 1

And lastly over at City Works, construction workers have made huge progress and finished pouring all the cement under this newly-erected shade structure.

Missing joffreys1

In some de-construction news, the West Side location of Joffrey’s Handcrafted Smoothies recently disappeared and the cement has now been torn up under where it stood.

Missing joffreys2

Plywood and tarps cover the exposed ground, and we assume plumbing and electrical fixtures. We’re excited to see what’s in store for this area!

Vera masks 1

There’s been a bit of a shake-up with mask suppliers here in Disney Springs. Vera Bradley still has masks, and with six different prints to choose from today, is breaking their own variety record. Shore and American Threads have both sold out of masks for now.

Chapel masks

Chapel Hats is new on the scene with masks, offering two different styles, both retailing for $14.99.

Polite pig masks

And lastly, The Polite Pig has begun offering their branded masks for sale once again. They retail for $12.50.

Sugarboo rainbow

Rainbows are popping up all over Disney Springs for Pride month. This display of wine glasses can be found at Sugarboo.

LACOSTE rainbow

LACOSTE had a bit of one going here, but it still made us smile.

UGG rainbow

UGG had a lovely display of rainbow-hued fuzzy sandals.

Kipling rainbow2

Kipling, in addition to getting in more of their rainbow bag collection, can also embroider in rainbow on a bag of your choosing.

vivoli reopening 25 1

Vivoli il Gelato reopened today, and we were honored to be their first customer! With their birthday tomorrow, two new items are on the menu, as well as social distancing.

vivoli reopening 15

This fun Birthday Cake Shake was as delicious as it looks, and came with a whole cupcake on top! Click here for our full review.

Orange bird

We had a great time at Disney Springs today, we hope you enjoyed coming along with us!

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  1. I do not understand the intensity some people have about being first. If they send the texts out to everyone that can come in, who cares if you are physically the first person in the store? These poor cast members do not remember who got there first and all you’re doing is making their morning a little more frustrating when they’re already scared about being forced to work with the biggest increase of covid cases we’ve ever had.

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