PHOTOS: Jose Carioca Audio-Animatronic Still Missing From Gran Fiesta Tour, “Coco” Themed Interactive Portals Now Unavailable at the Mexico Pavilion in EPCOT

José Carioca’s siestas keep getting longer and longer at the Mexico Pavilion in EPCOT, as the ill-fated animatronic is still missing from the Gran Fiesta Tour attraction.

Just over a week ago, the animatronic suffered an incident where it fell down while operating. On July 21st, the same day it fell down, the Audio-Animatronic was hidden from sight by a display of flowers and sombreros before it was removed entirely. The flowers that were put in its place are now also gone. Cast Members have given no indication as to when the animatronic will be restored. You can check out the current scene aboard the Gran Fiesta Tour in our YouTube video below:

As you enter and exit the pavilion, you’ll notice that other elements are missing, such as the “Mirror de los Muertos” interactive portals. We were surprised to see these still available when the park initially reopened, but it seems these were regarded as high touch points that counteracted the current health and safety regulations, not to mention caused crowding at the entrance to the Plaza de los Amigos. Both screens now display a sign that says “For Your Safety – Not Available”.

Keep reading WDWNT for more coverage on all the latest updates in the Mexico Pavilion and beyond… and more importantly, the return of José Carioca.

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