Disneyland Paris Rolling Out New Standby Pass Virtual Queue System via App

Disneyland Paris will be introducing a new Standby Pass system via their app that minimizes physical wait times.


Standby Pass is similar to Walt Disney World’s FastPass+ system, however it will be required for certain attractions. Guests will be able to login to the Official Disneyland Paris app, select “Get a Standby Pass”, and choose their attraction and return time. One guest can reserve a standby pass for their entire party. They will then have a designated 30-minute window to return to the attraction. Once there, they must present a QR code stored in their Standby Pass wallet. They will then stand in the queue for the posted wait time.


This system will launch with Crush’s Coaster on October 6. It will then roll out to Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Peter Pan’s Flight, Big Thunder Mountain, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, Autopia, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and Ratatouille: The Adventure. With the exception of some early mornings and evenings, only guests with a Standby Pass will be able to access these attractions.

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Shanghai Disneyland has utilized a similar Disney Standby Pass system during the COVID-19 pandemic this summer, though it is now being removed. Walt Disney World Resort, on the other hand, suspended the use of FastPasses while their capacity has been limited. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance has continued to use its virtual boarding group system but with several technical issues.

How do you feel about Standby Pass and virtual queues at Disney theme parks? Let us know in the comments.

  1. I like the idea of a standby pass but they are not using the wording correctly. If you choose a return time it is not a standby pass. I’d rather see a true standby pass where you “get in a virtual line” and you return to the attraction when all the people in front of you in line have been called. So if it would be a 40 minute wait when you get in the virtual queue, then 30 minutes later you get a notice to return to the attraction.
    This would greatly help reduce wait times because now everyone in the park is not in two or three queies at once, as they are with Fastpass.

  2. I don’t really understand – so if you have a standby pass and the line is 30 mins, you come back and queue 30 mins? Or do you come back 30 mins later and you’ve already queued? The comparisons to maxpass and virtual queues have thrown me off.

  3. Will it be instead of the FP or additionally? Will there be extra costs? And what about people without a smart phone?

  4. Paris was already using Lineberty for some of its character photo shoots. You did not know what time to return until the app told you and it was difficult to change. You had to be within a GPS area for it to work.

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