PHOTOS: New Bag Clips Caught at Walt Disney World

Is your whole kitchen Disney themed, but you still have a few holes in your collection? Well, these bag clips are here to close off those holes. Keep your chips crispy and in style with this set of bag clips. They come from the “Mousewares” collection of kitchen and dining accessories, which includes wine stoppers, character trivets, mugs, glassware, magnets, and more. We found these bag clips in Mouse Gear at EPCOT.


The set includes four bag clips — Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Sleeping Beauty Castle from Disneyland, and Cinderella Castle from the Magic Kingdom. Each clip is made of plastic and spring-loaded to close off the chosen bag.


Each of the clips has the same image printed on the back side.


This set of bag clips can be yours for $14.99. Are you excited to close bags at home with these new bag clips? Let us know in the comments below. And for more stories like this, be sure to check out some more new merch from EPCOT.

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  1. I don’t know who approved the designs on these, but they really don’t resemble Minnie or Mickey very well, and the detail on the castles make them look like any castle. Very disappointed. I was interested in them, until I saw them.

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