PHOTOS: New Signage at Magic Kingdom Warns Guests Not Properly Wearing Masks That They Will Be Asked to Leave the Park

Shannen Ace

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PHOTOS: New Signage at Magic Kingdom Warns Guests Not Properly Wearing Masks That They Will Be Asked to Leave the Park

Shannen Ace

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PHOTOS: New Signage at Magic Kingdom Warns Guests Not Properly Wearing Masks That They Will Be Asked to Leave the Park

A new sign has been set up at the entrance of Magic Kingdom warning guests that they will be asked to leave the park if they do not wear their face mask correctly.


The sign shows a figure with arrows indicating the face mask should cover both the nose and mouth. Face masks must also be an approved covering or guests may be asked to leave.

Last month, a video showed a man being removed from Disney’s Hollywood Studios for not wearing a mask, so we know Disney is taking this seriously. Despite Florida transitioning into “Phase 3”, a face mask mandate is still in effect for all of Orange County in Orlando, and face masks are required at most locations.

We previously released a guide to wearing face masks at the park, and you can check Walt Disney World’s website for the most up-to-date policies.

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36 thoughts on “PHOTOS: New Signage at Magic Kingdom Warns Guests Not Properly Wearing Masks That They Will Be Asked to Leave the Park”

    • They aren’t – unless you absolutely don’t have a mask. They just politely ask you to put it on. I saw many guest only put them on around cast members, then take them off when the coast is clear.

      • Daniel, respectfully the only time I saw someone with a mask off and not sitting was outside the park. And sometimes the cast members just weren’t polite. Sometimes they didn’t even use words. Several times I saw them take two fingers and flick them up to someone to (I’m assuming) get the mask over their nose.

  1. Will they enforce it though? Was behind a woman in line at Mickey & Minnie’s railway on Wednesday wearing her mask around her chin. Counted six cast members she passed in line (two of which she had a conversation with) and none of the cast members asked her to secure her mask – not one.

    Also, people are taking off masks on the monorail all the time.

    • Yup I definitely noticed the same thing, not so much cast members ignoring people not following the mask rule, but lots of people pulling it down once in line or on monorail

      • Cast members have worked hard to flag people that don’t have the mask up. But not everyone likes wearing one and they stretch the rules. Just like when they say not to sit on railings etc and yet people still do it.

  2. Disney is leading by example. Too many people do not take wearing
    masks seriously. Keep up the good work.

  3. You know I am sick of being discriminated against by Disney and Universal. So, I can not go to Disney as I am allergic to one of the minute fibres that they are made of. Almost died early on because I was unaware that the 100% cotton are not 100%. Now everyone is going to say to bad you are winning about it and you dont care about anyone else well remember that the next time you complain about someplace having peanuts and you child with a peanut allergy cant go there. Universal Orlando is anti insulin pump so I wont go there. So I will save my money and go to places that are welcoming instead of places that make false claims of welcoming everyone.

    • Find a mask that you can wear then. And if you can’t too bad. Same as having peanut allergies. Its ok if there’s one or two places you can’t go.

    • You can make your own out of sensible materials or simply buy masks made of various materials you are not allergic to.
      Don’t be ignorant. Mask up the way YOU can mask up, and make yourself and the people around you safer by doing so.

    • So, if Universal is “Anti-Insulin pump”, that means you are diabetic. Thus at a higher risk for complications with COVID. Wouldn’t this give you more of a reason to figure out which damn masks ARE 100% cotton and protect yourself (and others?)

    • So wear a face visor instead, being allergic is not an excuse for potentially spreading a virus that’s killing people.

      • So we’re wearing masks forever then. Flu kills. Strep kills. Mono kills. Etc etc. No thank you. If you are afraid of Covid-19 or if you are susceptible to it isolate. Otherwise people should return to normal.

  4. We are currently at the parks and it is oppressive. They’re encouraging the cast members to battle with people over mask slipping barely off their nose. I don’t believe this is about health, but the executives and their agenda. The signage, the closures, the snarky cast members… this isn’t fun and certainly not magical.

    • You sound extremely entitled to suggest that there is no pandemic and Disney isn’t concerned about health. Then to top it off suggest that their sole purpose is so they feel powerful and make you feel weak. Go home! You don’t deserve Disney right now. I’m here as well and we are having a great time. Cast members are getting the attention of people who need to be tended to. I don’t feel oppressed like June here from the Handmaid’s tale.

      • Juan, I wanted to wait to respond to you to try to be measured in my response. I never said there wasn’t a pandemic and that Disney wasn’t concerned. Entitled? We work very hard for the several thousand dollars we spent on this trip. In fact, we specifically made this trip so that we could support Disney and the cast members–and have fun. But the people going to a “crowded” theme park right now are not those that are fearful of this virus. So, I feel they have to moderate their response–it’s extreme. My suggestion is that you now go spend your hard earned money on 8 days at Disney, since obviously the opinions of those of us that just went last week don’t count.

    • It’s a minor inconvenience in exchange for being able to visit WDW, remember you’re on private property and they have every right to remove you for not playing ball.

      • Masks all day long for 7 days–except eating or drinking in 90 degree weather is not a minor inconvenience. I spent thousands of dollars at Disney this week and I wanted to support Disney and the cast members. However, I couldn’t sit by myself without a person in sight at my resort, drinking water when a security guard got about 2 feet from my face to tell me to put my mask on. I’m not opposed to masks, but a lot of the approach is impractical and heavy handed. We are cancellng a trip next month and will give someone else the “privilege” to go to Disney. Because you are correct, they have the right to make me comply. And I have the choice to not go back.

        • I would be mad at this situation, but I’ve been here every day since July 11th and that’s not true. I see people actively breaking the rules with no reprimand from cast, never a person drinking water being accosted.

        • Susan, couldn’t agree more! As soon as the local governments and Disney drop the face mask requirement and social distancing leading to long lines, they will see a resurgence of attendance. And I mean REAL attendance (like of out state travelers on a vacation package, not your local FL resident AP holders).

  5. I’m a DVC owner, season pass holder and WAS an avid WDW patron BUT I’m done. I am in the process of getting rid (selling) of my DVC, not renewing my Season passes and all of it.
    Finally these schmucks sent me an email promoting paying your annual dues early. They are hurting for money. You make your bed with libturds… now lay in it.

  6. Just left! It was an awful day. I understand the importance of the mast but when a cast member goes above and beyond to scold guest while clearly taking a drink of water is crazy. This is no longer about Health.

    • That is exactly what happened to my husband! Lots of scolding when the cast members were standing a foot apart.

      • The cast members are being instructed to do that. Not all of them “want” to be heavy handed, but they have to let company rules.

        • Of course, we understand they are being instructed. But when you are following all the rules and still getting scolded–sitting down, drinking water, etc. I talked to some of them and they feel torn. That is why the executives needs to find more relaxation stations and magic associated with all of this. Instead they have moved to ad nauseum signage, announcements all day long, and yes, cast members that are FOCUSING on the rules, not the magic. With the heat, longer lines and no Fastpasses, they will have to find a balance to bring me back.

    • It’s going to vary based on the cast members involved and the situation. I was in animal kingdom and saw it strictly enforced where reasonable. It’s not like they have cameras out looking for people without them.

      • I think you used the term properly “strictly enforced.” Maybe I’ve misunderstood after reading this site, but I feel like most of the people at the parks are those that are willing to take the risks, the ones that aren’t as worried about COVID. A mask off a nose here and there will not make the difference. I didn’t see one person walking around the parks without a mask on at all. Not. one. Of course, they would have been drug out of the park by the Mask First Order. :-)

  7. For all of you that seemed frustrated with those of us that don’t like this heavy handed approach, please go to Disney World and enjoy it. Enjoy the long lines, sweating in your face masks (getting a rash like I did) and then the flicking of fingers instead of “having a magical day” from a cast member because your mask is not off your nose, but slipping. There is moderation and there is Disney’s approach. So much is closed, things like ping pong tables at the resorts aren’t available (but you can touch plenty of merchandise). I wear masks where needed, but I don’t wear them at home when I can be more than 6 feet from someone. So, I’m not an “anti-masker.” I believe Disney has a fine line to walk between those that “love” these rules and those that don’t. But if they want ALL of their fans to come back, they need to start walking it.

  8. Here’s an idea – let people decide for themselves to wear a mask or not! If you are high risk, as the CDC says, then mask up to protect yourself or simply don’t go. But don’t make it my job to protect you. It’s called individual responsibility. And don’t give me that “for the greater good” or “all on this together” Commie crap. A majority of Americans are over it by now.

    Wearing a face diaper while standing on long lines in 90+ degree heat with 3 small kids in tow after spending thousands of dollars to be there is NOT magical.

    • Yes! Honestly, if you are at high risk, why would you take this chance to go mingle–masks or not–with a group of strangers? And watch as everyone wipes their sweating faces, touches their masks to pull them out to breath, pulls them down to eat or drink. I’m not entirely sure they aren’t spreading more germs this way. I saw someone instinctively pull down their mask to sneeze into their hand! Now I see they’ve added the “ask to leave verbiage” to every announcement. I do expect Disney to keep me safe on the rides, but my individual health is not their responsibility! Disney you can do better.

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