harmonious centerpiece barge epcot 2-27-2021

PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 2/27/21 (“Harmonious” Centerpiece Ring Barge Invades World Showcase, Innoventions Demolition and Construction, Flower & Garden Festival Preparations, and More)

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It’s the start of another weekend here at Walt Disney World, and on this Saturday we’re coming to you from EPCOT. Our timing for a day at this particular park couldn’t have been better, as this morning brought news that the gigantic “Harmonious” centerpiece had been put in place. Let’s head into the park and see how things are looking.

innoventions west demolition 2-27-2021
innoventions west demolition 2-27-2021

Heading into EPCOT and towards World Showcase Lagoon, we couldn’t help but notice the significant amount of demolition that has taken place at Innoventions West. After being delayed for nearly a year, we have arrived at what, in the grand scheme of things, will essentially be the final moments of the structure.

harmonious centerpiece barge epcot 2-27-2021

On World Showcase Lagoon, the six-story ring-shaped structure atop the centerpiece barge was there, as promised. For some, this is a nightmare that has turned out to be a reality.

harmonious centerpiece barge epcot 2-27-2021
harmonious centerpiece barge epcot 2-27-2021

The structure is quite visible from all around World Showcase, and the third portion of the centerpiece — another set of arms which first showed up yesterday after we previewed them last weekend — has yet to arrive onto the lagoon.

guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind construction membrane weatherproofing 2-27-2021

Back in Future World, construction of the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind façade has reached full-blue status. Much like the rooftop adornments, the entry portion of the structure has been covered in a blue underlayment but yet to receive any of its final coating.


At Innoventions East, construction has been progressing at a furious pace, with walls, entryways, and glass now totally surrounding the southern half of the building.


Just outside of the structure, foundational work is taking place for an upcoming popcorn stand outside of what will, eventually, be home to the large Mouse Gear shop.


Elsewhere — not at Mouse Gear, as it turns out — we located this new “weird but cute” Stitch hat.


Around much of the park’s waterways, these floating planters have been added ahead of the 2021 Taste of EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival. Thankfully these were added and not additional ring barges.


Nearby, work on The Goodness Garden Butterfly House continues as its return is mere days away.


Outside of the Mexico Pavilion, Three Caballeros topiaries were added yesterday, making us think perhaps the animatronics had returned to the Gran Fiesta Tour.


Alas, the Three Caballeros inside the pyramid still have more wood in them than the topiaries do.


Heading all the way back to the Italy Pavilion, work on La Gelateria continues, though clearly it still has a ways to go before it can open and serve up some frozen treats.


Our final stop of the day would be in the France Pavilion, where Remy is keeping an eye on things just outside of the expansion area which houses Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.


We ended with a look at the yet-unopened France Pavilion expansion, looking as ready as ever to shuffle in guests to Walt Disney World’s newest attraction.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at EPCOT today, and the myriad construction projects taking place within the park. While our daily Photo Reports can give you a static look into the parks, you can also get videos highlighting the biggest news from the parks on the WDWNT YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe to WDWNT on YouTube for an even better look inside Walt Disney World and Disney parks worldwide!

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