PHOTOS: TRON Lightcycle Run Illuminated Canopy Frame Needs Just One More Piece to be Complete at Magic Kingdom

We have kept a close eye on the progression of the framework for the illuminated canopy of TRON Lightcycle / Run at the Magic Kingdom. While we know the attraction will not be opening for quite some time, we are glad to see that the canopy framework only needs one more piece to be complete.


One small piece of the white canopy is needed to complete the puzzle-like frame. The place where the missing piece will go contrasts against the show building behind the canopy on the right hand side.


After the final piece of canopy frame is added, construction can move on to the installation of the enclosed canopy and illuminated effects.


In the concept art below, you can see that the white frame we see now still looks nothing like the final product. Now that the bones are constructed, workers can begin adding the covered panels and move on to the rest of the attraction.


Stay tuned here at WDWNT for more updates to TRON Lightcycle / Run and more construction projects around the Magic Kingdom.

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8 months ago

The ride looks great, but at this point, i just want the outside done. I want the train to be operational again!

8 months ago

Does this mean that the train will be back to running pretty soon???? I so hope so!! I miss that Walt’s baby!!