Disney Considering Removing Hanging Corpse from Stretching Room Scene in “The Haunted Mansion”, More Details Released About Disneyland Updates

While Disneyland has been closed for the past year, Walt Disney Imagineering has updated “The Haunted Mansion” to include some old and new effects. Thanks to the LA Times, we have some more details about what guests can expect to see upon reopening.


As reported yesterday, the painting “April to December”—which depicts the real-life horror of aging—by Marc Davis is making a return to the attraction after having been removed when the portrait hallway was updated in 2005. According to Michele Hobbs, who managed the attraction’s refurbishment, the painting’s four-scene change didn’t work with the 2000’s technological update, which utilized two-slide changes. The painting, which Hobbs stressed is the original image just newly created with updated technology, is now placed around the corner from the portrait hallway where guests board their Doom Buggies.


The area surrounding “April to December” has been further filled-out, as it was previously only utilized during the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay. In addition to the painting and a mysterious door, guests will notice a new statue of a cat. This is a reference to an original idea for the attraction by Imagineer Xavier Atencio. In Atencio’s concept, the demonic cat would have appeared throughout the ride, searching for a soul to possess. The cat had elongated fangs and one red eye, as a reference to Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat.” The cat idea was discarded before coming to fruition, but it has finally returned in this statue form. “You’ll see this beautiful statue of this cat,” Hobbs said. “Maybe you’ll see red coming out of its eye. Maybe not.”

haunted mansion Disneyland hallway

More details include new draperies and new props in the attic, including a dollhouse and trinkets belonging to Constance the bride’s late husbands. “What we’ve done is just gone through each of the scenes and added little tidbits and flavors of additional property to help support each of those ‘love stories,’ if you will,” said Hobbs.

In Madame Leota’s room, a wicker chair is now floating alongside the musical instruments. Although Hobbs says this design is not pulled from the archives, it may be a reference to Imagineer Rolly Crump’s concept for the room, which featured a chair that would come alive.

“There wasn’t any history to it,” Hobbs says of the chair’s addition. “That was something that Kim [Irvine] looked into. What would make sense there? What would work stylistically and creatively and be floating in the air? Why not a chair? Perhaps from the Mansion porch?”

Spider-web flooring in the Haunted Mansion’s entryway has been remade and the exterior of the building has been repainted with multiple shades of white meant to evoke shadows.


The pet cemetery has new landscaping which includes catnip, toad lilies, and more plants themed to each animal. Guests may also notice a slight garlic smell near a skunk’s tomb.

haunted mansion Disneyland pet cemetery

“We all love our beloved pets,” Hobbs said of the update. “What would you do if it was your pig named Rosie? You would decorate. We treated this as we would our own pets.” Roses, of course, surround Rosie the pig.

Finally, although there have been no changes yet, Hobbs did address the calls to remove the hanging body from The Haunted Mansion’s stretching portrait room. “It’s been discussed for sure,” Hobbs said. “It’s definitely something that we’re thinking about.”

It sounds like the rich lore and mysteries of The Haunted Mansion will only continue to grow as guests continue to be scared and awed by these new elements for years to come. What are you most excited to see on the refurbished ride? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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  1. Yes by no means should children think about a dead body in a ride of ghosts and skeletons

    1. Most kids don’t even notice the body hanging above, or if they do, they don’t recognize that it’s a “hanging corpse” so quit it with the overreacting, making our kids so sensitive these days

      1. I’ve been going to WDW in Orlando since I was five years old. I don’t remember exactly how old I was when I first noticed the hanging body, but I was young. And I LOVED it! It has always been one of my favorite parts of the attraction that I look forward to each time I go. I will be greatly disappointed if they remove it.

      2. It’s sad how they keep mutilating these attractions ! Quit spitting in Marc Davis face ! Now they can call it the ” HAPPY MANSION ” 😊 Let’s hear it for censorship !
        I think what will be more traumatizing for the child is when they find out they can’t get into STAR WARS LAND without a reservation ” IT’S EXCLUSIVE ” ,and if they can get in the disappointment when they want a STAR WARS souvinear ,but mommy and daddy can’t buy it for them. Because they would have to take out a second mortgage on their house to be able to afford it !

    2. Then maybe the parents of super little ones don’t need to take them on this particular ride.

    3. Don’t take them on the ride then. It’s a haunted mansion, not a Mickey Mouse mansion

  2. I hope they don’t remove the body. It’s a key part of the storytelling. If people are too sensitive to manage that kind of imagery, they shouldn’t go into an attraction themed to death and haunting. It’s ridiculous to sanitize something like that because people are jumpy and don’t want to be offended when they could just make a common sense decision to not enter an attraction involves a cemetery, multiple caskets, and ghosts.

    The entire story is about all of the changes. And at the very end, the mere rumor of removing the hanging corpse caused those sleuths at WDWNT to make it the headline.

    CLICKBAIT at its finest!

    1. “Rumor” – it’s literally a quote from an Imagineer on the project saying the have talked about it. It is, in fact, confirmed that they are considering it.

  4. I would not remove it. The effect is clever and creative, and for first time viewers is totally unexpected. It really adds to the story and immersion of the ride. That being said, it would for sure make others upset if it is to be removed.

  5. Nothing surpirses me anymore that Disney does. Definitely the leader in the cancel culture, sadly.

  6. Isn’t the hanging corpse the body of the “ghost host”??? That’s why he says “there’s always MY way”??

    So they definitely should keep it for the story and just like everyone else pointed out… ITS THE HAUNTED MANSION

  7. I love adding things, but it’s the “Haunted” Mansion; not the, “We’re Trying To Please Everybody And Losing Our Soul” Mansion. Leave the hanging corpse alone; it’s a very short, yet great effect. What’s next, removing the guns from the ghosts that shoot at each other from across the haunted ballroom?
    Please stop…

  8. Okay. No. This is where I draw the line. Jesus. How pathetic are people? You don’t like it? Don’t go on it.

  9. *eye roll* Better remove the axe murderess, violent humour, punny gravestones, slightly spooky ghosts, OH! and all the skeletons from PiratesOTC while you’re at it…
    So tired of all this silly sensitivity.

    Removing racist attractions is totally understandable but why make something as inevitable as death a sensitive subject?

  10. I really hope they don’t remove him. He’s absolutely part of the story embedded in the Mansion’s history… it’d be a shame if they thought it was some sort of PC change they had to make or it offended someone. I understand removing the brides from the auction in Pirates of the Caribbean, but he’s always been there, it’s the whole reason people look up!

  11. If we’re worrying about things that REALLY ruin the Mansion experience in the stretching room . . . Instead of removing the hanging Ghost Host can we please remove people who insist on reciting every word of the stretching room spiel in their “outside voice”? It kills the mood for anyone new riding the ride, or trying to remember what it is was like the first time or those simply trying to enjoy it the way it is written, performed & intended.

    We ALL have it memorized. Unless you can do a really good impersonation of Paul Frees or Corey Burton – just don’t.

  12. I’d better get to Florida soon so I can see our hanging man one last time. If Disneylands goes, WDW’s will follow. I wonder what they’ll replace him with? What IP are they going to stick up there?

  13. “…there’s always my way !”
    So if they remove the corpse what is his way?
    Its been there 60 years with no issue, leave it alone and stop raising a generation of wimps

  14. The hanging body is my favorite part. Please stop destroying the classic rides!

  15. Why not a chair? Because she’s summoning musical instruments for the seance, not random furniture. Maybe they’ll update the rhyme to include… a chair. Always with the thoughtless updates.

    1. I dunno, maybe when she summons the musical instruments, a couple other things get swept up with them.
      (This might just be me trying to justify. You do have a point.).

  16. The hanging host was always my favorite part of the attraction growing up. But that was before all this PC BS became so entrenched in out culture. So glad I grew up when I did.

  17. Bob Chapek touching another classic attraction? Come on! This attraction was touched by Marc Davis and Claude Coats. If I was Donald Trump on The Apprentice, I would immediately say to Bob Chapek, “You’re fired!”

  18. I would really like to know who is making such a ridiculous request! Doesn’t Disney understand that the people are fed up with cancel culture, they’ve had enough with the “woke” BS, and the overkill of PC! These “considerations” are beyond. There is no valid reason to be removing the hanging body (which you barely see for a split second)! Please inform me how that is any different from up-close skeletons crawling out of graves and ghosts and dancing head (Leota) in the room! I’ve been riding this ride since I was a little girl and never once did it disturb me. Not to go off-topic here, but same with the Peter Pan ride; never once did I ride that ride and think how culturally insensitive this is (Native American scene) and I’m Cherokee Indian!

    Where does it stop? Seriously, where? These classics are what made Disney what it is (not to mention billions of dollars). It’s why Disney has over 60 plus years of success! If Disney wants to update a ride by fixing and tinkering then great, but stop removing the very things that make Disney magical, historic, and keep the Disney longevity going! Stop catering to the BS and get back to the core of what Disney was originally about. Like my papa use to say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

  19. I don’t like the portrait dualists, because it reminds me of police shootings, so I want it removed.

    I don’t like the hands pushing out of the coffin, because it reminds me of when my family members have died, and I get triggered thinking about an afterlife.

    Seances are hurtful appropriation serotypes of Romania nomads, so I want the Madam Leota scene removed.

    The depiction of an evil “black widow-esque” woman killing men to steal their wealth is repugnant, and I want the distinctly antifeminist attic scene removed.

    The name “Master Gracey” harkens back to a time of black oppression and slavery, and I want a POC to be depicted as the owner of the Mansion.

    1. “I don’t like the ghosts, because they’re all of one ethnicity, so I want it removed.”

      “I don’t like the exterior of the mansion, because it was designed after an old plantation house, so I want it removed.”

      “I don’t like Pirates of the Caribbean, because piracy is illegal and people were killed during that time period, so I want it removed.”

      This is a prime example of being overly sensitive. Don’t be overly sensitive.

      (Brilliant use of sarcasm to prove a point, Kevin!
      …You are being sarcastic, right?)

  20. I am getting sick and tired of Disney screwing around with everything can”t they just leave Haunted Mansion alone. Get a life Disney return to Walt Disney”s legacy and quit screwing around we live in the fricking United States of America not the United States of leftists.

  21. Well at least now my family and i get to see all those hideous cast-member’s tattoos. Walt would hate what they’ve done to his company.

  22. What !!!!! No way love that part of the mansion why are they taking all the good parts away from wdw so no fast passes no dining plan no Disney magical express no train around mk no monorail around the Epcot no evening parade limited fireworks if any ….at what point are the going to realise how much we pay for our wdw vacation they are slowly killing the magic wonder what Walt would make of it all

  23. Calls to remove the hanging body? Why? Seriously, is there a legitimate reason to do this? Genuinely curious.

  24. This is honestly the most ridiculous thing to be removed from any Disney attraction. Everything is now offensive. What do these people think the “Haunted Mansion” indicates?
    It’s full of spirits of those who were alive at one point. This should not be removed whatsoever. People need to stop ruining these classic scenes in attractions. Walt himself would be very upset by this, truly.
    These people just want to cause a mess just to cause it. These elements in the attractions are very important and should not be ruined because of ridiculous complaints.

  25. Removing the hanging body would be one of the worst decisions Imagineering has ever made. If Gracey’s body is removed, it takes away from the lore and the story of the ride. If suicide isn’t his way out, then what is? They would have to change the ghost host dialogue, which would mean removing Paul Free’s voice from the attraction! And if they’re willing to remove the hanging body, who knows what else they’d be willing to replace? The skeletal hand in the coffin? The axe in Constance’s hand? The mummy in the graveyard? If they remove the hanging body, it would result in a tidal wave of pointless changes in order to try and shield kids from the entire point of the ride, death! The ride would lose its identity entirely! If parents have kids who are scared of ghosts, they aren’t going to go on the ride anyway! There’s no point in these changes, and if they go forward with it anyway, they will have hoards of enraged fans to deal with. Don’t do this, Disney! For your own good, stop!

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