PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 4/2/21 (Construction Wall Placed Behind Cinderella Castle, Refurbishment Begins On Cool Ship, Mr. and Mr. Easter Bunny Surprise Guests, and More)

Hello from a downright chilly Magic Kingdom! We know we said we were looking forward to this break in the record heat we’ve been having here in Central Florida, but we would have been happy with something a little less extreme than the drop to the fifties that we got. Nevertheless, we bundled up and came out to the Magic Kingdom to see what new things we could find for you today. Let’s get started!


Progress on Cinderella Castle Stage is coming along well, if not a little slowly. More metal bars and white slats have been laid across almost the entire surface. Plywood was also laid down on one small section, although this appears temporary.


Behind Cinderella Castle, new construction walls have been erected as a part of the ongoing decoration for the upcoming 50th Anniversary. For more pictures and information, check out our article here.


The roof of Bibbidi Bobiddi Boutique has had a bit more progress from when we saw it last. The most recently repainted roof is the one to the far left.


The roof on the nearby Pinocchio Village Haus is also being repainted, although in a different shade of blue than the Castle. We found this progress today.


In other repainting news, the Cool Ship refreshment stand in Tomorrowland is getting repainted, starting with a white base coat covering this lettering, which will be repainted to its former glory later.


Patch work on the structure is also being done, and will be followed by repainting.


Closer to Tomorrowland Speedway, two new patches of fresh concrete were blocked off from guests today.


This giraffe car in Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak Station was painted recently, but not completely. It appears that just this side and back were done, leaving the other side and front yet to be completed.


New railroad ties were laid behind Fantasyland Station, making this the first real progress this area has seen in a significant amount of time. For more pictures and information, check out our article here.

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We saw three Cast Members up on the load platform for the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, which was testing through most of the morning, eventually with ride audio on. We are tentatively hopeful that Cast Member retraining has started in earnest, and that with any luck, the May 1st reopening date will stick this time.


We found an interesting sale today at Star Traders on hand sanitizer — three for $20, regularly $9.99 each, plus tax. This is a pretty good deal, especially considering how often we now all use hand sanitizer.


We found another latecomer to the EPCOT World Showcase Pavilion open edition pin series. This is the second pin for the Norway Pavilion and features the intricate Viking knotwork design featured on some of the merchandise available in the Pavilion. This pin is available at The Emporium for $9.99.


We found several new shirts today while perusing around The Emporium.


With all these new designs, there’s something for everyone! Our favorite is Orange Bird. These graphic T-shirts are available for $24.99 each.


While passing by Cinderella Castle, we were surprised to see none other than Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny out surprising guests! It was wonderful to see them out for a little Easter egg hunt from a safe distance. For more pictures and information, check out our article here.


Before we headed home for the day, we stopped by Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, where we found everyone’s favorite little Orange Bird sipper available in an unexpected place, the Pineapple Lanai. You can now get a DOLE whip float in the sipper for $16.49.


While we were there, where we found this delicious Marshmallow Soft Serve Ice Cream treat available for Easter weekend. For more pictures and information, including our full review, check out our article here.


We had a great time at the Magic Kingdom today, and we hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!