POG Juice No Longer Available at Boma, Reportedly Leaving Walt Disney World All Together

Boma – Flavors of Africa will be reopening tomorrow as Walt Disney World’s first buffet to return to regular service. The menu was recently released, and fans may notice that POG (passion fruit, orange, and guava) juice was missing. In fact, POG juice may be leaving Walt Disney World all together as the manufacturer no longer makes it.

The POG juice did return with eateries at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, but reports ay they ran out of stock recently as well.

It’s possible Walt Disney World will find another way to bring back POG juice, but nothing is for certain at this point.

Read some of our POG juice reviews from the last two years below:

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  1. I can just imagine the salt of weird Disney fans as they gnash their teeth over losing their precious POG juice.

  2. It’s a staple at Boma. Disney is a huge customer. If they care, they can have it made by another vendor.

  3. …but for a nominal upcharge of $15 per guest, per day, Genie+ can make POG juice shoot from you smartphone’s microphone.

  4. Maybe Disney can make their own. Can’t be too hard if you can get the ingredients.

  5. What’s next? Disney keeps taking more and more things away and it is starting to show that they do not care about the people that come for nostalgia. Is the Walt and Mickey friendship statue next? If they wanted to they could figure out a way to make POG-it’s Disney.

  6. I am not happy about this. I hope it blows up and makes a come back like ohana noodles lol.

  7. Couldn’t WDW make POG juice themselves? Just because POG Juice Inc. isn’t making it anymore, it doesn’t mean Disney can’t make it. How hard is it to combine 3 juices?

  8. Interesting it says POG juice isnt made anymore because people are buying big gallon jugs at Costco of it just this week.

  9. Well we just bought a gallon of it at Costco, so it’s available out there. Our costco just started carrying it.

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