UPDATE: Disney Pulls DJ From Magic Kingdom Before Closing Announcements Tonight

At the last second this evening, Disney reportedly pulled the DJ before he began performing atop the Main Street Train Station. We reported on this new addition earlier tonight, and fans let themselves be heard.

It’s unknown why Disney canceled the DJ after he had already set up for the evening, but it’s possible the social media backlash contributed to the decision. After all, the fan community got the company to bring back ‘Ohana Noodles, so it stands to reason that Disney is listening.

After the wave of negative reactions after the Disney Genie and Lightning Lane announcements, the company may be seeking to avoid the additional unfavorable press.

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It’s also possible an external, unknown factor led to the removal of the DJ tonight. Stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. Now they just need to do away with genie and bring back fast pass, and cancel the Splash Mountain change

  2. I feel for the DJ, he’s losing out on a job opportunity.
    It’s not his fault that Disney is making poor choices.

    1. I do agree fully. This was a terrible idea, and not his fault. He could be used in places that make way more sense, but will probably suffer as a result of someone else’s bad decision. Life sucks sometimes for sure.

  3. bruh
    I don’t get it
    is disney that stupid (yes)
    it TOTALLY makes sense to replace the kiss goodnight with a dj….?
    like why can’t disney just give the guests what we had and maybe not charge money to bring it back
    next disney will be charging guests per hour on disney property

  4. Okay, so who was the genius who thought having a DJ on Main Street during normal park hours was a good idea in the first place? That in no way fits the theme of the venue.

    1. Don’t know who the DJ was…but it’s just copying Universal, they’ve had a DJ at FL/CA citiwalks like forever and it gets big crowds.

      Outta fresh ideas, just throwing anything that trendy or what Uni doing. Brand will only last so long if this keeps up.

      1. they wanted crowds at the end of the day at mk??

        i feel like the quiet calm peaceful music is how people want to leave MK

      2. I work at UNIVERSAL. Occasionally there is a DJ on CityWalk near the ferry dock.
        Trust me, I’ve never seen crowds
        Guests just walk on by. Dumb idea at Universal. Dumb idea at Disney -especially Disney!

  5. I get the Kiss Goodnight, but honestly this is ridiculous how Twitter basically got this guy fired. Imagine booking the gig at the most magical place and people send hate your way for no other reason than they miss their prerecorded goodnight from the parks. I hope Disney at least paid him for his trouble

  6. Does it really matter ? Walt I’m sure is so hot at what’s been done to destroy his legacy that I’m sure his ice tomb is melting. Let’s be clear, Disney has sold his very soul and not only contributed to the cancel culture movement, but also has successfully cancelled out and eliminated any positive memories that we older generations have enjoyed for many many years prior to the Woke and BLM movements ! Most of us who were raised in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s sincerely wish for Walt to be thawed out to see for himself with his very own eyes the utter destruction and disgrace that his legacy has become. So far away from conservative Christianity that your next Children’s movie might as well be “Baal the New True sorcerer’s apprentice” . In a very sad attempt to stay hip and upbeat Dusney Inc. has hitched its wagon to a runaway transgender blind black subversive communist “Dumbo” that’s headed straight off of a cliff into the alligator feral pig stocked swamp that is surrounding Disney World. May God have mercy on your cruel distorted evil souls.

    1. Perfectly stated You nailed it…I have three generations of my family that will no longer give any money to the cesspool that has become Woke Disney World.

  7. So sad about the DJ. But maybe Disney will change their mind and bring him back. Another thing I wish Disney would change their mind about, is Splash Mountain! Please save Splash Mountain! Signed the petition on please. Disney should expand the Magic Kingdom and add a princess and the frog attraction.

  8. Poor guy.. just doing what he was paid to do but it’s just weirdly placed. People want the characters to close out the night and say goodbye, but some random dude. It felt sort of icky!

  9. I’m so confused on the recent decisions they are making. It’s like senior leadership is also running on a temp staff due to covid staffing issues.

  10. I’m not saying this is what happened, but if I were going to make a big change I knew would be unpopular (Genie) I might also make a small, easy to reverse, bad change (The DJ) so I could make a show of “accepting criticism.”

  11. We’re confused with all these changes! Is Disney trying to make up all the money they lost in one year? We don’t want to spend all day on our phones instead of enjoying the parks.

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