REVIEW: Every Sweet and Savory Offering From the NEW Creperie De Paris Restaurant at EPCOT

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Though La Crêperie de Paris has not officially opened to the public, it is holding previews alongside Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure at EPCOT. The restaurant has a quick-service counter outside, but we opted for a table-service meal.



The interior resembles traditional French crêperies. However, it is very bland and gray.


There’s artwork on the walls, each illuminated with a light.


The art depicts various Parisian scenes.


The interior leaves a lot to be desired. It feels very lifeless and almost clinical.




The menu lists all of the savory galettes and sweet crêpes. We opted for the prix fixe option, which includes a choice of soup or salad, choice of one galette, choice of hard cider, soda, or juice, and choice of one dessert crêpe for $33.00.



There are four hard ciders available: rose, doux, demi sec, and brut. A glass of each is $5.95, except for the rose, which is $7.50.

The rose was crisp and clean on the palate. It’s sweet but not overly sweet.

The doux is very fizzy and apply. It’s the sweetest of the four, so make sure to have a glass of water to balance it.

The demi sec has a crisp, lightly sweetened apple taste. It’s a great in-between option that offers fruitiness without a dry taste.

The brut was dry and has a weird aftertaste. It was earthy, in an unpleasant way, and reminiscent of rotten fruits.



The martini had nice berry flavor, but the alcohol was very strong and did not taste high quality. The berry garnish is a nice touch. Not a bad drink, but relative to other drinks available elsewhere in the France pavilion, this isn’t the best choice for a martini.

Salade Maison – $6.75


The salad has a vinaigrette which is all we can taste. All the items are clearly fresh, but we just can’t taste them, making this not a very good salad.

Potato Leek Soup – $6.75


The soup of the day available was a potato leek soup. This was a good take on it and very French. The flavors of the thin soup were there. The soup was originally chilled, but guests during Cast Member previews didn’t like it, so it’s now served hot, but not too hot.

Savoyarde Galette – $15.95

Raclette cheese, caramelized onions, bacon, imported Bayonne ham


The galettes are made with imported buckwheat flour from Brittany. They are salty, griddled pastries that are crunchy on the edges and soft in the center.


This was our favorite of the galettes. The rich cheese, salty bacon, and crunch of the onions are the perfect combination.

Ratatouille Galette – $15.95

Tomato, zucchini, eggplant


This is another favorite. It’s sure to please vegetarians, but it’s good enough for anyone to enjoy.


It’s a well-seasoned vegetable medley sure to be popular since it’s right next to the “Ratatouille” ride.


Saumon Galette – $15.95

Smokes salmon, creme fraiche, chives, lemon


This one was bad. It was basically an open-face lox sandwich. The salmon was too salty, and overall, it tasted like something you would assemble yourself at a breakfast buffet.

Chèvre Galette – $15.95

Goat cheese, spinach, walnuts


This one was enjoyable. It has a nice, balanced flavor with the creamy goat cheese.


The nuts added a needed earthy crunch.

Poulet Galette – $15.95

Chicken bechamel cheese sauce, mushrooms


This was the worst of the galettes. It reminded us of a Stouffer’s frozen dinner, given the thick, salty cheese and low-quality chicken meat.


Classique Galette – $15.95

Ham, egg, swiss cheese


The Classique is extraordinarily bland. It was also too salty and forgettable in every way.


Poire Crêpe – $8.95

Pear, chocolate ganache, whipped cream


This was just okay. The pears tasted canned or processed. The pear flavor was weak. The chocolate sauce was thin, almost like a Hershey’s syrup. It was too sweet and not rich enough.

Gourmande Crêpe – $8.95

Hazelnut chocolate spread, whipped cream


This was our favorite, and the only dessert crêpe worth returning for. It has clear flavors of hazelnut and chocolate, spread thin to be a good balance with the crêpe itself. The whipped cream adds a nice creaminess and the chocolate pearls gave a good crunch to each bite.

Melba Crêpe – $8.95

Peach, red berries sauce, almonds


We were mixed on this one. The peaches have a texture like they’re from a can. But the currants and the red berry sauce add a nice tang.


The almond brittle chunks were the best part of the dish, with wonderful almond flavor and a good crunch. We could eat a bowl of just this fantastic brittle.

Banane Crêpe – $8.95

Banana, caramel beurre salé


This was decent and definitely on the sweet side.


The banana was very ripe, so it had a soft texture. The caramel was an excellent complement.

Pomme Crêpe – $8.95

Caramelized apples, caramel beurre salé


The apples were sour and, like the other fruits, tasted canned. The caramel sauce is the same as the banana crêpe.



The dessert crêpes were disappointing, although we liked the gourmande. The savory galettes are better options.

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  1. I love the reviews from your site! If the food is great, you say so! But if it’s crap, you say that too! Love the honesty! You’re saving DISNEY fans from spending their Disney vacation dollars on mediocre food. What did you think about the ‘French Decor’ inside? Except for the windows I thought it was a bit institutional and bland.. I mean it’s Nice, but this is Disney! I guess we expect ‘more’. Maybe this is authentic French decor? I’ve never been to France. Also: Do they have any gluten-free crapes? It’s been 35 years since I’ve had a crepe due to the gluten problem.

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