PHOTOS, VIDEO: Tour a New (and Less-Than Incredible) ‘The Incredibles’ Themed Theme Park View Room, Now Available at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Over two years ago now, we got wind of test rooms inspired by “The Incredibles” at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. It was over a year later that refurbishment began on the resort and the retheme was officially announced. We got our first look at the new rooms this summer, and now we’re finally staying a night. Join us on a tour of a new mid-century “Incredibles” room.


Although many of the refurbished rooms have opened, work is not yet done.


The room has a color scheme of mostly cream and white with touches of red.


Immediately upon entering is the closet, behind a pair of red doors.


In here, you’ll find the luggage rack, a set of drawers, and the extra pillow and blanket.


There’s also a Conair handheld steamer.


The closet features a cute design on its back wall of the masks, suits, and shoes of each member of the Incredibles family.


There is Incredibles-inspired artwork throughout the room.


This painting of the Contemporary Resort features the Incredibles family on the ground illuminated by their car headlights and Frozone making ice through the air.


This artwork features all five members of the Parr family.


This piece has Violet and Dash with the Monorail.


And this piece has Mr. Incredible running through the woods.


Next to the closet is another door hiding some more shelf space.


The hair dryer and safe are stored in here.


The coffee station has a mid-century backsplash of drinks and coffee mugs.


The mugs have different logos for companies from “Incredibles 2”: Safari Court, The Happy Later, Mode, and DevTech.


There’s a Keurig coffeemaker.


And an ice box.


The drawer has cups and coffee blends, including the 50th anniversary K-cup.


Beneath the coffee station is a mini-fridge with a transparent door.


Across from the coffee station and closet is the bathroom.


There’s a two-sink vanity.


The mirror has a frosted design of the Monorail heading towards the Contemporary.


There is some storage space beneath the sinks, where towels are kept.


There’s a small mirror that folds out of the wall.


Disney’s usual H2O+ toiletries are available on the counter.


The shower and tub have a sliding glass door.


There is a dual shower head.


Shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are mounted on the wall in a shelf space.


A set of sliding doors leads into the toilet room.


There’s artwork of Jack-Jack in all his different forms on the wall.


Now let’s take a look at the bedroom and living space.


We got a room with two queen-size beds.


There’s also a sofa and a small table.


An end table hides an ottoman.


The sofa is pretty large for a room this size.


The bolster pillow is patterned with Incredibles masks.


The sofa can fold out into another bed.


The oval table can be moved around as necessary.


The lamp in the corner has a funky mid-century feel.


The triangular shelf behind a section of the couch has extra USB and standard ports on the side.


The beds each have a character accent pillow. This one was blue with Frozone.


There are shelves on the outer sides of the beds.


A bigger shelf with a drawer is in the center.


The lamp has a cityscape with a Monorail going above it.


Switches for the reading lights above the beds are in the center, as are USB and standard ports.


The interior of the drawer has items from the Incredibles films, including Dash’s math textbook, Jack-Jack’s cookies, and the remote for the Incredibile.


There’s also a to-do list.


The wall has a stripe of brown paint and a smaller stripe of blue paint going around it.


Unfortunately, the paint wasn’t very clean.


The other bed was adorned with an Edna Mode pillow.


As is now standard, the beds are elevated with space for suitcase storage underneath.


While looking under the beds, we noticed the rug wasn’t flat.


The sheets were also wrinkled.


The curtains feature red silhouettes of the Incredibles.


The sheer curtains have their faces and the Incredibles “i” logo.


Of course, the view outside is the same as it has always been at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.


There are two chairs and a small table on the balcony.


The fresh paint outside was scratched.


The bathroom was definitely an improvement from before, and there are some cute touches to the room, but we were mostly disappointed. There was damage in several places, including on the closet decal. The furniture was scuffed and everything was wrinkled. There was still a plastic piece from the tag on the patio furniture. The TV was crooked. Construction crews were running around fixing rooms that had issues while we were there.

Unlike the new “Moana” rooms at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, this is cold and uninviting. Other than the view of Magic Kingdom, this feels like a moderate resort room.

Watch our full room tour below.

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  1. I find this design dull and boring. Universal has a resort that is mid-century mod, and it looks more colorful and fun. The room pales in comparison to Polynesian’s Moana rooms. This just looks like a thrown together afterthought. Wall paper in closets and drawers suggests that they are able to change the room as cheaply as possible. The lobby refurb is wonderful and colorful with Mary’s artwork. It would have been better to do the rooms inspired by this great artist.

  2. I thought the Moana rooms were bad, but these are even worse. What a disaster. (The Jack-Jack poster is cute, though.)

  3. It’s nice to see they are refreshing the rooms. We are probably in the minority here but we’ve stayed at most of the resort hotels and the Contemporary, apart from being able to walk to MK which is huge, was our least favorite and we will likely never stay there again.

  4. this is cold and uninviting” sounds like your preference just isn’t the modern feel. The subtle details are welcome from a drab and uninspired previous design. Huge upgrade to make the contemporary both relevant and contemporary again. The mid-century allure of the incredibles appears to be a perfect fit.

    1. No, the furniture is cheap, the bedroom is small, and if you look the way of the TV, there’s nothing on that side. This isn’t preference thing, I’ve stayed in plenty of nice, modern hotel rooms. This isn’t mid-century, this isn’t modern, it’s junk.

  5. 30-year Contemporary fan and frequent stayer here.

    Thanks for an excellent review/report, Shannen.

    The colors and shapes are appealing, and no doubt the Contemporary could have used a refresh. But not this.

    The contemporary is downright sacred. It captured Walt’s forward-thinking vision with its ageless futuristic architecture and monorail-through-the-lobby design. It has (well, had) a quiet, understated elegance with its clean lines and dignified mass.

    But Disney has for whatever reason decided to turn it into a jumbo version of a value resort with cartoon character theming. This is so disappointing. (“Upsetting” even comes to mind.)

    Why couldn’t Disney have replicated in the rooms what it did so elegantly with the lobby refurbishment, using Mary Blair artwork and sleek monorail/Tomorrowland theming?

    Why couldn’t Disney have “cartooned” a few of the rooms (or even half of them), as it does with pirate-themed and princess-themed rooms in moderate resorts, and left some/most for those of us who delight in the Contemporary itself?

    Why do we ALL have to look at silly cartoon characters in every single room of what many of us enjoyed as an adult break from Disney IP?

    There’s nothing wrong with the “Incredibles” franchise. I enjoy those films. But not at the expense of the design of my favorite resort.

    And I enjoy a Pop Century or Art of Animation stay as much as anyone. But for Disney to turn the flagship resort into a bigger, pricier, and more massive version of those animated character themed resorts is just wrong.

    So unhappy with this…

  6. Hate it! So tired of Disney dragging movies into every refurb. Especially these original resorts need to be kept to their original intent.

  7. I sent an email to WDW Guest Services several days ago expressing my thoughts in my earlier post (above). I asked that it be passed along to Josh D’Amaro, Jeff Vahle, and Kartika Rodriguiz.

    I received an email today from a person in WDW “Executive Communications” requesting a convenient time for a phone call to discuss the topic.

    I’ll let everyone know if it turns into anything other than a polite “Thank you for your concerns.”

  8. Okay, had a 20-minute phone conversation with a very pleasant cast member of 38 years.

    I said again pretty much what I put in the email, and that I embrace change, but just not this change, LOL. She listened very well, very patiently, and very politely.

    The outcome of the call was pretty much what I expected (“Thank you for contacting us.” “We can tell you are passionate about Disney.” “I can assure you that your comments have made it to the right people.” “Thank you for your loyalty.” etc.)

    What surprised me was her referring to both topics about which I have sent emails recently, both the Contemporary and Harmonius. So someone tracks the comments by name or email address, and that impressed me.

    She emphasized that emails have high impact (“I have seen changes made based on just one email.”) If that is to be believed, then I would encourage everyone who feels strongly about a WDW topic to communicate your sentiments to them by email.

    On a humorous note, she said she was glad to have spoken with me, and left the door open for closing comments from me. I requested that the Contemporary strip one room of Incredibles branding and save it for me. We both chuckled over that and she said something like “You might be surprised!”

  9. My family of 4 is staying at the Contemporary in April 2022 for a big “dream Disney vacation.” We aren’t necessarily Disney veterans (last time I was there was 2017), but I booked the Contemporary months ago for our trip. I have always wanted to stay here, and did so before the rooms were refurbished (and honestly, I had no idea they were planning on the redesign when I booked). Needless to say we are spending a LOT of money for a theme park view room for 5 nights.

    Am I disappointed in the redesign? Yes. I am trying so hard to not mind the new rooms at CR but it’s hard. I love The Incredibles but not so much that I want to open a nightstand drawer and see a decal of a broken snack (cookie? granola bar?) at $700+ a night. I’m sure my girls will love it, and really – isn’t that all that matters when you’re going to WDW with little ones? I do think that the other aesthetic issues (chipped paint, wrinkled sheets, etc) will hopefully be ironed out – no pun intended – in time.

    Even though the likelihood of us actually being in our room for extended periods of time (other than sleeping and the occasional “midday rest” between parks, etc) is low, I’m disappointed that this classic, exciting resort has gotten a themed makeover. I always considered the Contemporary, Polynesian, and GF to be the Gold Standards of WDW Resort hotels but this is a definite downgrade.

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