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Executives Predict Bob Iger Will Return as Disney CEO in 2022

In a recent report from CNBC, anonymous executives confessed their prediction that Bob Iger will return as CEO of The Walt Disney Company in 2022. One executive told CNBC there are “already internal wagers at Disney about Iger returning.”

Public outcry against current CEO Bob Chapek grows as Disney stock suffers a nearly 20% year-to-date decline. Disney has recently kicked up a PR campaign, seemingly in hopes of improving opinions of Chapek.

Iger’s hesitancy to step down is well documented. Iger delayed his retirement four times before selecting Chapek as his replacement in early 2020.

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There has been no official indication that Chapek is on the way out or that Iger will return.

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  1. That would be a great “It’s a Wonderful [Disney] Life” type ending to the year if they got rid of Mr. Potter, I mean, Mr. Chapek, and brought back Mr. Eiger.

    1. I actually also have another ending where it’s revealed that there is a second side to the whole issue and how there might be more to that then what people think. Maybe add some social commentary.

  2. Maybe you can interview him about it. Also as I said once before, some of these changes are trying to help save it. I mean if they had no money then no Disney.

  3. You know it’s just a rumor to get fans hope up and boost the stock price. Never gonna happen.

  4. Boycott/Cancel your Disney+ Subscription. Bob Cheap(ek) only cares about subscriber “data” to beat Netflix, since it is a key aspect of his strategy as CEO. If you support Disney+ with a subscription, you support Bob Cheap(ek). Disney+ “data” is more important to his success than Disney Parks/Resorts. Let that sink in for a second! Drop Disney+ and maybe Disney will drop Bob Cheap(ek). Fire Bob Chapek!

  5. They both suck.. Cheapek is cheap and Iger is loaded down with woke shit and helped kill star wars. Neither is the right choice

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