UPDATE: Savi’s Workshop Now Providing Discount on Lightsabers Following Guest Complaints Regarding Downgrade to Plastic Bags for Carrying Cases

Just yesterday, Savi’s Workshop in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge stopped handing out the black lightsaber sheaths with purchases due to “supply chain issues”. This carrying case of sorts is listed as one of the included pieces with purchase of the $219.99 custom lightsaber guests can build in the workshop. When guests asked for a replacement or some sort of restitution for the downgrade, they were told that a plastic bag was an acceptable replacement and that is what they were given to carry around their expensive collectible.


Today, in what has become the typical course of action for Disney World in the last few years, management once again responded to public shaming on social media and has started to provide a discount on the experience, sans sheaths. Guests are now being given a 10% discount of roughly $22, per cast members we spoke to at Savi’s today.

The carrying case usually provided (seen above in our 2019 review) is made of black fabric with a detachable shoulder strap. The inside of the bag is partially lined with molded foam to keep the blade protected.

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  1. It’s not like the black bag was such a bargain to begin with. It’s good enough to get the saber home, but that’s about it. If you use it more than a few times it starts to fray and come apart. For what they charge it should come with the grey saber sheath they sell in Doc Ondar’s. But that would cut into the profit. Curse you Bob Chapek

  2. The Savi’s Workshop lightsaber my son built we have had to take it back twice because it would twist apart just with basic swinging motions or twirling. Good thing we live nearby.

  3. So what about the people they originally charged full price and refused to give a discount to, or to provide the fabric carrying case when it came back in stock? How are they making it right for them, since they took the full payment and didn’t give them the full product? Are they going through those receipts to refund each the $22- plus tax??? Something tells me no, they are not. Because they are only trying to cover up the situation, now that they got shamed on media and SM for ripping off customers.

  4. They should have kept the price the same and included a second Kyber chrystal. Would have made it an opportunity rather than an issue.

  5. I feel for the cast members and guest services staff who had to field the complaints with no support from management. That must have been grim; to parrot out such a tone deaf line ‘a plastic bag is a carrying case.’ Something I will remember every time I carry my groceries out of the store in a ‘carrying case.’

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