New 2022 Dated Ornament Arrives at Walt Disney World

We are almost three months into 2022 and a new dated ornament has arrived at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

2022 Walt Disney World Ornament – $24.99

2022 ornament 1

The ornament features Mickey and Minnie standing on a navy blue base.

2022 ornament 2

They are holding up peace signs.

2022 ornament 3

They are standing next to “2022” in blue, yellow, light blue, and red glitter lettering.

2022 ornament

You can find this ornament at Celebrity 5 & 10 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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1 thought on “New 2022 Dated Ornament Arrives at Walt Disney World”

  1. The pricing has gotten way out of hand. I would have purchased this as a trinket. But even though I could afford it – I’m not paying 25 dollars for this. Very disappointing. I never expect DISNEY to be “cheap.” But still, even for Disney, this should have been priced around 15 dollars on the HIGH END end. 10 dollars on the low end. 25 dollars is ridiculous. I would have to want this really badly, and not making many other purchases. Utter highway robbery.

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