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Disney CFO Christine McCarthy States Some People ‘Have More Time Than They Have Money,’ In Regards to Which Guests Purchase Genie+

The Walt Disney Company participated in a Q&A session today at Morgan Stanley’s 2022 Technology, Media & Telecom Conference. Disney CFO Christine McCarthy was there to represent the company.

In addition to speaking about the crowd capacity at Disney Parks and character meet and greets returning soon, McCarthy also spoke about Genie+, the Parks’ newest paid “Fastpass” system.

McCarthy was quoted saying that Genie+ and Lightning Lane improves the guest experience at the parks.

“Some people have more money than they have time and others have more time than they have money,” stated McCarthy.

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She talks about how Genie is a free service that you can download on your mobile device to help plan your day at a Disney park. And then further states how you can “buy up” through the service and purchase an individual Lightning Lane which is “sort of like the old Fastpass,” she stated.

Genie+ originally received a lot of backlash from guests, due to “Fastpass” previously being a free service at Walt Disney World.

McCarthy was also recently quoted saying that reducing food portion sizes for guests would also help increase profits for the Disney Parks.

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  1. This is the person they have enough faith in to be the company’s mouthpiece? After the cutting portions for guest’s waistlines wasn’t insensitive enough here comes the we cater to people with money with no time first.

  2. Some folks don’t make the salary you do either. Some folks have to budget and save for years to go to Disney once.

  3. I would love to see the data that suggests it improves the guest experience. I mean, I know I loved it, having to set an alarm for 6:50 AM while on vacation every day is a dream vacation to me.

    And this is not about the cost. If they gave me a choice of Fastpass+, 60 days out, at 30$ a day, I would take that over Genie+.

    Drop the cigarette and the hose.

  4. Some people have neither, which is what made the old FP system great, pick 3 “must rides” and pick a few after those are done, all included. It was a great system as long as you knew to plan ahead. Cash grab Genie promises next to nothing.

  5. Let me get this straight, so she thinks people that are poor, go to Disney and deserve to use a crappy feature to get free pass in line for rides? So rich people go to Disney but they can pay for better level crappy phone app services that get them the ability to walk on to a ride? She is a moron. Whatever they think is happening with that genie she is mistaken and being lied to. Magic to me is seeing HER, in Disney world using her phone to maneuver an entire day in magic kingdom, on her own. No assistance or the guy that invented the app with her. She would loose her mind. What she has done to Disney is disrespectful to Disney fans everywhere. Forget about cheapec, she’s worse.

  6. Once again…Disney execs totally out of touch because too many Disney fans cave and pay their ridiculous prices and play their game. Time to show them that it is unacceptable

  7. I wish I could tell her that she’s a bit delusional… Time IS money. Does she not realize that people who have less money might also have less time, because they can’t afford to stay long, hence need to maximize every minute… But these may be the least likely people to benefit from paid LL.

  8. Another lie from McCarthy. Guests have NIETHER time nor money, that is why FastPass+ was so popular. It saved time by allowing Guests to pre-plan their fast passes (up to 3 in a day) PRIOR to their trip instead of being glued to your phone and working like a dog while on vacation to snag LLs. Oh, and it was also INCLUDED IN PARK ADMISSION, so no extra cost burden to the Guest. These corrupt Disney execs will defend Genie to the death of it, which I hope is not too far off. Disgraceful.

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