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Tent Installed and Walls Up Around Bates Motel as Halloween Horror Nights Construction Continues at Universal Studios Hollywood

Halloween Horror Nights is just around the corner and Universal Studios Hollywood is hustling to get ready. We’re here to update you on all the changes we’ve noticed over the past couple weeks since our last Halloween Horror Nights update.

Curious George Lot

Halloween Horror Nights Update

There are two houses currently under construction in the Curious George parking lot. One of these has and old-timey pick up truck with “Smyth’s Piano Service” written on the side.

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The spooky exterior certainly hints towards a haunted farm house, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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The black tarp appears to be covering a scarecrow underneath. And those wooden boxes suggest more scary décor to come.

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A side-view of the second house gives us the opportunity to peek inside, albeit just a glimpse.

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Looks like crews are moving dried foliage around the set. A pile of hay can be seen near the side of the house. And a pumpkin can be seen staged on the porch.

Front Lot

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On the studio’s Front Lot, a large tent is erected behind the show building of Transformers — The Ride 3D.

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Just past the walls of the soon-to-be Super Nintendo World, guests can spot a tent in the backlot covering what will most certainly be another house.

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Tents block out the sun for the construction workers and fences keep pedestrians out as well.

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An aerial view allows us to place where all the HHN houses are in relation to each other. And get a glimpse at the ones out of reach. In the foreground to the right is one tent, rumored to be the Universal Monsters house. Behind Transformers: The Ride 3D can be seen the other tent from the Front Lot, shown above.

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And finally, Terror Tram walls are up in the parking lot of the Bates Motel. This can only be seen from the Studio Tour as of now.

Let us know what you think of this Halloween Horror Nights update and don’t forget to stop by Jupiter’s Claim! The Star Lasso Experience is something you won’t want to miss… just don’t look up!

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