More Framed Ride Photos Added to Carousel Coffee as Disney Tries to Address Guest Complaints, Unthemed Terrariums Appear in BoardWalk Seating Area

Carousel Coffee opened at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn last month, but its decorations continue to be updated. Two weeks after its opening, vintage photos of Julie Andrews were hung in the coffee shop and succulents were placed on the tables in the seating area. Now framed photos have been added to the seating area and the succulents have been placed in terrariums.

carousel coffee seating area 8973

The seating area is separate from the actual coffee shop in the lobby of the resort.

carousel coffee seating area 8972

There are succulents in terrariums on each table.

carousel coffee seating area 8963
carousel coffee seating area 8976
carousel coffee seating area 8962
carousel coffee seating area 8979

A succulent terrarium was also added to the table inside the coffee shop.

carousel coffee seating area 8964

The photos in the seating area are mostly of Mad Tea Party and Prince Charming Regal Carrousel.

carousel coffee seating area 8965

Similar photos hang inside Carousel Coffee.

carousel coffee seating area 8966

There is also one vintage photo of a boardwalk roller-coaster.

carousel coffee seating area 8971

While the photos are mostly of Mad Tea Party in Magic Kingdom, some also seem to be of the attraction in Disneyland.

carousel coffee seating area 8968
carousel coffee seating area 8969
carousel coffee seating area 8970

Carousel Coffee is adding fuel to the fire on the current hot-button issue amongst Walt Disney World fans: the removal of theme and story from Walt Disney World Resort Hotels. Of course, it has been discussed for years with the addition of “bland” new resorts such as Riviera and the remodeling of old favorites such as Yacht Club, the Contemporary Resort, and more. Now, with the lobby refurbishments looming at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and just outside these walls at the BoardWalk, fans are anxious about the future and if the touches and themes they love so much about these enchanting escapes will be erased in the name of industry-standard hotel design.

Want to check out a full review of the location? Come along and join us as we arrive at the grand opening!

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6 thoughts on “More Framed Ride Photos Added to Carousel Coffee as Disney Tries to Address Guest Complaints, Unthemed Terrariums Appear in BoardWalk Seating Area”

  1. Bland would be an understatement – acres of white paint, chairs and tables you would find in any hotel remodel, harsh lighting and a total lack of the fairground colourways associated with carousels!!

    Perhaps some subtle colour on the lower wall panels and lights around the ceiling cornices similar to those that outline fairground carousels would be a start – a reduced size fairground galloper on a brass twisted pole at the centre of each table in place of a potted cactus would bring the whole scheme together perhaps?

  2. Disney does need to stop under-theming. It’s really bad. The horrible new DVC tower at the Polynesian, this coffee shop, the Swan Reserve…it just goes on and on.

  3. At beach club right now, 2 bedroom suite, not a piece of art on any of the walls. A few mirrors, but nothing else.. themed or not.

    More attention is paid to how things look at “pay by the week” meth-motels.

    Really disappointing.


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