PHOTOS: Space Mountain Cleanup Continues Following Public Cleanliness Backlash at Walt Disney World

It’s cleanup time here at Walt Disney World, following several instances of public backlash in the past month regarding cleanliness issues around the parks. Just over two weeks ago, we reported on crews beginning a cleanup of Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom, and now work is progressing to get all that dirt and grime off the iconic structure’s exterior.

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Crews seem to be hard at work power-washing the exterior of the mountain. A cherry picker is raised to the lip between the base structure and its towering roof to allow crews access.

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Crews appear to be power-washing the gritty building exterior in stages. Years of dirt, dust, and grime are caked on the Space Age-esque white exterior. We can see rectangular sections where crews have already power washed the exterior, with some sections still left unwashed for comparison.

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Temporary platforms have been erected along the sides of the mountain to keep crews stable while they use power wash equipment. A cable appears to run up the entire length of the building to allow the platform to be moved to access the higher levels.

This cleanup may take some time, but it’ll be none too soon with attention descending from all over to its nearby neighbor in just a couple months time with the grand opening of TRON Lightcycle / Run on April 4. Riders will be able to visit The Grid even sooner though if they’re Cast Members, with the first previews beginning February 6.

Cleanup has been something of a contentious issue of late around Walt Disney World, with the controversy kicking off late last year as the “it’s a small world” boats were found to be turning black from filth and grime. Before long, reports came flooding in about caked-on dirt aboard the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, mold on Toy Story Land props, and the sad state of the Walt Disney World Monorail system.

Are you excited to see Space Mountain get a good scrubbing? Let us know in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Space Mountain Cleanup Continues Following Public Cleanliness Backlash at Walt Disney World”

  1. when riviera opened, we went to a dvc sales pitch. another couple that owned dvc from great britain was also there. we asked why they were in the states instead of paris. they rplied that the people at wdw were so much nicer and the parks where so much cleaner than paris. i wonder what they would have to say now?

  2. Back in the earlier days of Disney World they kept the park in Immaculate condition . The graveyard shift came in after the park closed and washed the whole park down checked flower beds for trash and all over ,This was done before it opened the next morning. All equipment was checked and cleaned ,boats trams trains . The last time I had my family out there you could see how they let things go its a shame . They don’t take pride in the park like they use too. Hate to say it but they need a CEO to take Charge and get the place cleaned up and get back to the way it used to be ran . I know the company has to make money but they have lost the Charm and pride they used to have.

  3. I think that it’s tragic how WDW used to pride themselves on cleanliness (Walt Disney even designed the spacing of the trash cans so that guests would never be more than a few steps away from one!), and now they have to be shamed into cleaning up the parks!


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