Workers Spotted Ascending Space Mountain as Exterior Refurbishment Work Continues at Magic Kingdom

More than a dozen crew members ascended to the top of Space Mountain’s exterior today in Magic Kingdom, following a lengthy cleanup process. While it is unclear what work the crew may have been completing today, their climb was noticed by Cast Members and park guests who were waiting to preview TRON Lightcycle / Run nearby.

Space Mountain Exterior Work Crew 00001

While guests blast into space aboard a rocket inside, workers used the exterior stairs to make their own journey. Clad in their fluorescent personal protective gear, the assembly line of workers were easy to spot nearby outside of TRON Lightcycle / Run. We got our first look at Magic Kingdom’s newest roller coaster earlier this week as part of early Cast Member previews.

Space Mountain Exterior Work Crew 00002

A forklift can be seen lifting equipment to the platform at the base of Space Mountain’s roof structure. The crew appears to be passing along steel rods on the top of the structure.

Space Mountain Exterior Work Crew 00003

A closer look shows the efficiency of the workers as they work together to pass the equipment through the chain. Though it is unclear what is being passed through, parts of Space Mountain’s exterior did just undergo a deep pressure washing to remove dirt and grime from the attraction’s exterior. The cleanup efforts began earlier this year.

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  1. We direct your attention to the gleaming slopes of Space Mountain, as Hans and Otto and their friends ascend Hench Ridge to summit.


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