BREAKING: Disneyland Paris Stops All Annual Pass Sales, Rumors Indicate Entirely New Range of APs Coming Soon

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BREAKING: Disneyland Paris Stops All Annual Pass Sales, Rumors Indicate Entirely New Range of APs Coming Soon

According to a new Tweet from DLPReport, Disneyland Paris has suspended sales of all Annual Passes.

Disneyland Paris infinity annual pass

DLPReport, a Disneyland Paris-focused news account on Twitter, reports that sales of all four tiers of Disneyland Paris’ Pass Annuel are now no longer on sale as of today. Guests who already hold any tier of pass will still be allowed to renew going forward.

Rumors recently have suggested that a new range of passes with different benefits and higher prices may be introduced soon, although nothing has been confirmed by Disney yet.

Annual Pass Troubles

This move is not entirely unprecedented, with now four Disney resorts having halted some or all Annual Pass sales following the COVID-19 pandemic. Tokyo Disney Resort fully cancelled its Annual Passport program in October 2020, with no replacement in sight despite some hints and allusions over the past three years.

Annual Passes at Walt Disney World went through a similar development to what’s rumored for Paris. New sales were halted almost immediately upon reopening from the COVID-19. At the time, Disney assured guests it was a “temporary” measure due to capacity restrictions at Walt Disney World. In August 2021, Walt Disney World announced an overhaul of their pass system, replacing the four tiers introduced in 2015 with a more confusing character-based system. New passes then went on sale in September 2021, and remained on sale for nearly three months before being suspended in late November. Later, the two middle tiers were briefly on sale last June for a single day before halting again. At this time, only renewals are allowed for existing Annual Passes, except for the lowest tier Pixie Pass, which is only available to Florida Residents and blocks out all weekends and holiday periods. But unlike in California and Tokyo, guests were able to smoothly transition from their old to new pass types upon renewal.

Over at Disneyland, their 16-month closure prompted a “sunset” of their original Annual Pass program, only to be replaced with the Magic Key system, which is essentially the same, but with reservations and blackout dates for even the highest tiers. Those passes have sporadically gone on and off sale even amid a lawsuit alleging Disney falsely advertised the highest tier having “no blackout dates” by including a reservation system.

Shanghai Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland have continued to sell Annual Passes except during their government-mandated closure periods from 2020 to 2022.

Stay tuned to WDWNT as this story develops.

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