PHOTOS: More White Poles Added to World Celebration Courtyard in EPCOT

Shannen Ace

PHOTOS: More White Poles Added to World Celebration Courtyard in EPCOT

At EPCOT, World Celebration — previously the center of Future World — has been undergoing a years-long transformation. This includes the construction of CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza (replacing the previously planned festival center), new gardens, and Dreamers Point featuring a new Walt Disney statue.

World Celebration

communicore construction 2177

The transformation of World Celebration began with the closure of Innoventions, Electric Umbrella, and MouseGear. The latter became Creations Shop, while Innoventions West and Electric Umbrella became Connections Eatery and Café (Starbucks). Club Cool also moved next to Creations Shop.

communicore construction 2179

The area in front of Connections and Creations has been filled with trees, blocking views of some construction.

communicore construction 2212

We can see more white poles through the trees. The most obvious of these poles are in CommuniCore Plaza, but they will be throughout the gardens, as well.

In the background of these photos, we can also see a new curved wall decorated with circles, near where Dreamers Point will be located.


The Walt the Dreamer statue will be on a set of steps right behind Spaceship Earth. Many Disney Parks around the world feature statues of Walt Disney, but this one will be unique because he’s not accompanied by Mickey Mouse.

communicore construction 2214

More white poles surround the giant EPCOT logo that will be at the center of the park. The center of the logo is marked by two short walls visible to the right in the above photo.

communicore construction 2181

At night, the white poles will be illuminated, as seen in the concept art below.

EPCOT gardens concept art

The giant EPCOT logo will be outlined with light-up pavement, a once classic feature of EPCOT that has been absent for years now.

EPCOT gardens concept art 2

World Celebration and CommuniCore will be able to house decorations and offerings related to various EPCOT festivals throughout the year. The above two pieces of concept art show how the central courtyard may look during the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival and the EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays.

CommuniCore Plaza

communicore construction 2215

CommuniCore Plaza is surrounded by overhangs creating an L-shaped off-shoot of CommuniCore Hall.

communicore construction 2216

Through the plaza construction site, we could see new brown tree-like structures. We saw one of these earlier this month. Though they resemble the brown, curved lampposts we’ve seen in Journey of Water Inspired by “Moana,” they are not part of the walkthrough attraction.

communicore construction 2184

A small concrete structure is partially under one of the plaza overhangs, which are supported by white columns.

communicore construction 2185

The largest white poles are within the L shape of the plaza, sitting on concrete forms.

communicore construction 2187

Some of the plaza has been paved, and other sections of the foundation are covered in rebar.

communicore construction 2188
communicore construction 2189

There are six light-up poles surrounding the plaza.

communicore construction 2190

There was previously a stage used for musical performances in the center of Future World, so the new CommuniCore Plaza Stage will take over that role.

communicore construction 2191
communicore construction 2218

Below is concept art featuring the CommuniCore Plaza Stage with a EPCOT International Festival of the Arts banner.

CommuniCore plaza stage EPCOT

The building behind the stage is CommuniCore Hall. The spaces are named after the precursor to Innoventions, CommuniCore, which were two opening day pavilions at EPCOT.

CommuniCore Hall

communicore construction 2192

Much of CommuniCore Hall is now covered in yellow paneling.

communicore construction 2193

Scaffolding still covers the wall of the building behind the recently-reopened World Nature restrooms.

communicore construction 2194

Steel grids cover some of the building’s walls. According to concept art, the building will have an exterior resembling Spaceship Earth, with a pattern of triangles.

communicore construction 2195

There are white columns at the future entrances to CommuniCore Hall.

communicore construction 2220
communicore construction 2197

CommuniCore Hall will house the park’s new permanent Mickey & Friends meet-and-greet. The building will also have a demo kitchen, mixology bar, and gallery space.

CommuniCore Hall concept art

Above is concept art of the exterior of the Mickey & Friends meet-and-greet. Below is the concept art of the interior gallery space.

communicore plaza and hall concept art

World Celebration Concept Art


And here is an overall look at what World Celebration will look like when construction is completed. CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza are scheduled to open this fall, along with Journey of Water Inspired by “Moana.”

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