PHOTOS: 50th Anniversary Medallions Gone From EPCOT Fab 50 Statues

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PHOTOS: 50th Anniversary Medallions Gone From EPCOT Fab 50 Statues

The 50th anniversary medallions have been removed from Disney’s Animal Kingdom Fab 50 statues and EPCOT Fab 50 statues. We visited the latter park on Wednesday morning and saw that all the medallions were gone and the statues had been touched up.

EPCOT Fab 50 Statues

epcot fab 50 statues 5162

On Tuesday, Disney Parks teased the removal of the 50th anniversary medallions from the golden Fab 50 statues across Walt Disney World Resort. Disney said Imagineers would be “sprinkling a touch of timeless pixie dust to refresh the Disney Fab 50 Character Collection” over the next few months.

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So far, the only difference is the removal of the 50th anniversary medallions and paint touch-ups. More updates might be coming later, or this could be the extent of the project.

epcot fab 50 statues 5164

The medallions were on the round bases of the statues.

epcot fab 50 statues 5165

Crew members have painted over where the medallions were, so no ugly marks were left behind.

epcot fab 50 statues 5166
epcot fab 50 statues 5167
epcot fab 50 statues 5168

Well, so mostly no ugly marks were left behind. The front of Rocket and Groot’s base is still looking a little rough.

epcot fab 50 statues 5169

But the other statue bases look relatively smooth.

epcot fab 50 statues 5170

There are 50 characters in total, but only 36 statues, as many of the characters are paired, like Olaf and Bruni, Rocket and Baby Groot, and Hei Hei and Pua.

epcot fab 50 statues 5171

The statues are interactive with MagicBand+. As guests approach and wave, the statues come to life with music and various phrases from the Disney characters. Last year, holiday sounds were also activated.

epcot fab 50 statues 5172

While the medallions were all on these statue bases, some of the Magic Kingdom statues have the medallions more incorporated into their design — like Stitch holding the medallion in his mouth. These have yet to be removed or changed.

The statues were such a large component of the anniversary celebration that a number of merchandise lines were introduced, allowing guests to bring home a bit of the World’s Most Magical Celebration. Mystery figurine packs of the Disney Fab 50 Character Collection came in waves last year. Ornament sets were also available for guests to bring the statues home. Throughout the celebration, even Walt Disney World theme park tickets featured EARidescent 50th anniversary designs that showcased the Fab 50 statues.

Here is the full list of Fab 50 statues or check out our photos of the statues at each park:

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