TRON Lightcycle Run Billboard Replaced With Storybook Circus Sign at Magic Kingdom

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Storybook Circus billboard

TRON Lightcycle Run Billboard Replaced With Storybook Circus Sign at Magic Kingdom

TRON Lightcycle Run had its grand opening in April of this year, but according to a billboard on the Walt Disney World Railroad route, it was still “programming.” The TRON billboard has now been replaced with a Storybook Circus billboard, which guests see as they take a train out of the mini land and into the Tomorrowland tunnel beneath TRON Lightcycle Run.

Storybook Circus Billboard

Storybook Circus billboard

The new billboard features Casey Junior and reads “Thanks for Choo-Choo-Sing Storybook Circus.”

storybook circus railroad billboard 2200

A yellow stripe along the bottom reads “The Greatest Show in History — Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow!” The last word is emphasized as the train is entering Tomorrowland.

storybook circus railroad billboard 2201

Below is what the TRON “Now Programming” billboard looked like.

Walt Disney World railroad pov tron lightcycle run 0067

The Walt Disney World Railroad was closed for over four years due to the construction of TRON Lightcycle Run, finally reopening on December 23, 2022, with new narration that references TRON. Watch our full Walt Disney World Railroad ride POV below.

When Walt Disney World Railroad reopened, the narrator still mentioned Splash Mountain, but he now makes a reference to the upcoming Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

The usual exit of the Walt Disney World Railroad’s Frontierland station is currently re-routed back down the entrance ramp due to the construction of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

The Walt Disney World Railroad has three engines:

  • The Walter E. Disney, a 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler first built in 1925 for United Railways of Yucatan. It was purchased by Disney in the 1960s for $8,000, which is nearly $70,000 today.
  • The Lilly Belle, named after Walt’s wife Lillian, is a 2-6-0 Mogul, built in 1926 for United Railways of Yucatan as well.
  • The Roy O. Disney was built in 1916 as a 4-4-0 American for the United Railways of Yucatan.
  • The Roger E. Broggie, also a 1925 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler, which has recently returned from the Strasburg Railroad Workshop in Pennsylvania for refurbishment.

TRON Lightcycle Run

Tron Lightcycle run exit area P

TRON Lightcycle Run is a high-speed roller coaster experience in the Tomorrowland area of Magic Kingdom with sudden acceleration, sharp turns, drops, and a style of seating and restraints reminiscent of a motorcycle or bicycle. It is a replica of the original version that debuted at Shanghai Disneyland as an opening day attraction in 2016, and debuted this past April.

The queue, canopy area, and attraction itself all take inspiration from the 1982 film “TRON” and its 2010 sequel, “TRON Legacy.” The original played a pivotal role in the history and development of computer animation in movies. We have a full guide to TRON and its associated new offerings right here.

Virtual Queue is free and dispensed twice each day — once at 7 a.m. (which you can book remotely with a valid park reservation through the My Disney Experience app) and again at 1 p.m. (all guests must be physically in the park at this time). Guests are placed in boarding groups, and updated throughout the day on which groups are being called.

TRON Lightcycle Run is using virtual queue during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party this year. Read the details.

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