PHOTOS: Disney Adds New Jollywood Nights Check-In Locations After Opening Night Complaints

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PHOTOS: Disney Adds New Jollywood Nights Check-In Locations After Opening Night Complaints

We gave a first look at the new 2023 Disney Jollywood Nights for its inaugural event last week. After receiving feedback from guests, the check-in location has changed this week, as well as the event lanyard and wristband colors.

Check-In Locations for 2023 Jollywood Nights


After last week’s singular location for check-ins at Mickey Shorts Theater wrapped guests back to the entrance for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disney has modified the check-in location to two locations across the park, including at Star Wars Launch Bay.

jollywoodnightscheckinmuppetvision3d 1

The second location for check-in is at Muppet*Vision 3D. It’s clearly marked with a large sandwich board sign to help guests find their way.

jollywoodnightscheckinmuppetvision3d 2

The split check-in location has impacted the length of the event lines dramatically.

jollywoodnightscheckinmuppetvision3d 3

There were almost no guests in the queue for check-in when we took this photo.

Disney Jollywood Nights Wristband and Lanyard

wrist band and lanyard

When guests arrive, they are given a wristband and a lanyard.


This week’s lanyard is soft green with gold and navy print, and has the Jollywood Nights logo and “2023” printed on the front. The strap is green.

Disney Jollywood Nights 2023 Wristband and Lanyard 4

Last week’s lanyard was a muted dark blue with red and gold trim. The strap was also green last week.


This week’s wristband is gold.

Disney Jollywood Nights 2023 Wristband and Lanyard 5

Last week’s wristband was soft green.

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