Plush toy shaped like a red and white bus labeled "Universal Studios Glamour Tram" displayed on a shelf.

New Studio Tour 60th Anniversary Hand Warmer and Blanket at Universal Studios Hollywood

Shannen Ace

A hand warmer and blanket have joined the Studio Tour 60th anniversary merchandise collection available at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Exterior view of the Universal Studio Store featuring a person standing in front and people visible inside. The store is located on a paved walkway with a cloudy sky above.

We found both items in the Universal Studio Store on the Upper Lot, alongside other tram tour merch.

Tram Hand Warmer – $35

Plush toy shaped like a red and white bus labeled "Universal Studios Glamour Tram" displayed on a shelf.

This plush depicts a red and white striped Glamor Tram. Some of the Studio Tour’s modern trams have been decorated to look like the old Glamor Trams for the 60th anniversary. The tour also currently includes special photo ops and a tram stop.

Person holding a plush item in front of shelves stocked with various merchandise, including striped containers and a bus-shaped object.

There are holes on either end of the plush for putting your hands inside.

A person holds a light blue plush toy with "Universal Studios Tour" and three red stars embroidered on it. The toy is displayed against a background of shelves with other merchandise.

The back of the plush features thin blue and white stripes. “Universal Studios Tour” is embroidered with red stars.

Studio Tour Blanket – $60

Person holding a large red Universal Studios Studio Tour towel in a store.

One side of this soft blanket is red. The Studio Tour logo, featuring a tram, is in a slightly darker red. “Universal Studios” is also printed on this side.

Person holding a colorful blanket featuring various Universal Studios logos, movie studio motifs, and thematic illustrations. The blanket is displayed in a store environment.

The other side is white with a red border. It’s covered in retro Studio Tour graphics. A tram is in the center with the words “Welcome to Universal Studios Tour.”

A souvenir blanket featuring various Universal Studios-themed designs, including a movie camera, a tour bus, and a "Welcome" message, displayed in a shop.

There are retro cameras and strips of film.

A towel with various prints, including a green flag that reads "HOLLYWOOD VISITORS VILLAGE" and a red globe icon.

A teal blue flag reads “Hollywood Visitors Village,” an area of the Studio Tour that later became Prop Plaza. The space is no longer part of the tour.

A close up of a blanket.

The iconography is teal, black, and red.

A collage of Universal Studios-themed designs featuring logos, a shark graphic, and text such as "Glamor Tram Tour" and "Universal City" on a fabric backdrop.

A billboard image features the “Jaws” shark and reads “Part of Universal City.”

A fabric panel featuring various retro-style logos of Universal Studios and Universal City Hollywood attractions.

A retro Universal Pictures globe logo is in a teal diamond.

A fabric with various Universal Studios logos and designs, including a tram tour illustration and text stating "All Aboard the Glamour Tram Tour." Other badges feature film-related icons and text.

There’s artwork of a Glamor Tram on a film set.

A colorful banner with "Welcome to Universal Studios Tour" and various themed graphics, including a red tour bus, film reels, shark, and attractions.

The 60th anniversary Studio Tour runs through August 11, 2024. Other anniversary offerings include a Coca-Cola Freestyle mug, Woody Woodpecker BBQ burger and Chilly Willy Snowball, and a Pass Member-exclusive magnet.

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