New Futuristic Light Poles Installed on World Showcase Bridge in EPCOT

White lights on World Showcase bridge

Sleek new light poles have been installed on one side of the World Showcase bridge in EPCOT. The old lampposts remain on the other side of the bridge for now. New World Showcase Bridge Lights The new light poles are on the side of the bridge facing the Imagination! Pavilion. The old lampposts remain on … Read more

Lights Illuminated at CommuniCore Plaza in EPCOT

CommuniCore Plaza purple lights

Crews are testing lights on the awning around CommuniCore Plaza in EPCOT. We saw the new lights illuminated on both Thursday and Friday. CommuniCore Plaza Lights The long awning juts out from CommuniCore Hall in an L shape around the Plaza. The new lights are long thin strips. There are several them placed periodically on … Read more

More Paneling Installed on CommuniCore Hall & More Updates at EPCOT

CommuniCore Hall Spaceship Earth paneling

Crews continue to install paneling on CommuniCore Hall, a new flex space set to open this year in World Celebration at EPCOT. In our last construction update, we saw new ceiling panels and lighting installed on the building’s exterior. CommuniCore Construction Earlier this week, a crew member in a cherry picker vehicle was working on … Read more

PHOTOS: Construction Boxes Added Around Lamppost Bases in World Celebration Gardens Due to Trip Hazard

Connections Garden Lampposts with construction boxes

The bases of the artistic lampposts in the World Celebration Gardens at EPCOT have proven to be a trip hazard. There are now green construction boxes around the base of each lamppost while crews work at night to solve the problem. World Celebration Gardens Lampposts The lampposts double as art installations. They are slightly slanted … Read more

PHOTOS: Ceiling, Lighting, and More Triangle Panels Installed on CommuniCore Hall in EPCOT

Steel ceiling of CommuniCore awning

We’re seeing major progress on CommuniCore Hall, a new building in the center of EPCOT and the last element of the park’s years-long reimagining. This week, ceiling panels and lighting were installed on the façade, as were more triangular panels. CommuniCore Hall Construction The steel ceiling panels were visible on the underside of the long … Read more

PHOTOS: U.K. Pavilion Repainting Complete at EPCOT, Scaffolding Removed

U.K. Pavilion facades and garden

The repainting project on some of the U.K. Pavilion façades in EPCOT is now complete. Scaffolding and barriers have been removed from the garden so guests can walk through the area once again. U.K. Pavilion Construction Scaffolding went up at the pavilion five weeks ago, blocking all of the façades facing the front garden. These … Read more

PHOTOS: Scaffolding Removed From Around Hotel du Canada, Northwest Mercantile Now Closed in EPCOT

Hotel du Canada in EPCOT Canada Pavilion

After most scaffolding was removed last month, all scaffolding is now gone from around Hotel du Canada in the Canada Pavilion in EPCOT. As work wraps up on the hotel façade, Northwest Mercantile has closed for refurbishment. Hotel du Canada Refurbishment The fake hotel was previously tan with a brown roof. It’s now more gray … Read more

PHOTOS: New Triangular Paneling Installed on CommuniCore Hall in EPCOT

CommuniCore Hall construction

Construction continues throughout EPCOT. In World Celebration this Monday, we checked out preparation for the 2024 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival and work on CommuniCore. Flower & Garden Festival Blooms Plants have been removed from the flower bed along the lagoon outside CommuniCore Hall for the Festival Blooms display of the EPCOT International Flower … Read more

PHOTOS: Final Touches Being Added to Hotel du Canada During Refurbishment at EPCOT Canada Pavilion

Hotel du Canada

While most of the scaffolding has been removed from Hotel du Canada in the Canada Pavilion of EPCOT, work is not yet complete on the refurbishment of the building. Canada Pavilion Construction Since work began last summer, construction walls have blocked access to most of the upper area of the Canada Pavilion. Northwest Mercantile and … Read more

PHOTOS: Temporary EPCOT Directional Sign on Construction Box Installed at World Showcase Bridge

Temporary EPCOT directional sign

A new temporary EPCOT directional sign has been installed on the World Showcase bridge, likely ahead of a permanent sign being installed. EPCOT Directional Sign The sign is at the start of the bridge in World Celebration, in front of planters. It’s on the type of box that usually hides pavement construction during the day. … Read more

Scaffolding Removal Begins at U.K. Pavilion in EPCOT

U.K. Pavilion scaffolding

A month after scaffolding went up in the U.K. Pavilion of EPCOT, some scaffolding has come down, indicating the facade refurbishment is moving quickly. U.K. Pavilion Construction The scaffolding is up in the pavilion’s front garden, which is blocked off during work. Scaffolding was removed from the far left, which is a brick building with … Read more

PHOTOS: Construction Walls Create Bottleneck on World Showcase Bridge in EPCOT

WDW EPCOT construction 01.2024 1874

The reimagining of EPCOT is near its end but not yet complete as construction continues on CommuniCore Hall and the surrounding area. World Showcase Bridge Construction walls now jut across the World Showcase bridge, creating a bottleneck for guests walking from World Celebration onto the bridge. The black construction walls are between the merchandise kiosks … Read more

PHOTOS: Crews Prepare For More Light-Up Pavement Around CommuniCore Hall at EPCOT

WDW EPCOT construction 01.22.2024 4909

Crews are working on the pavement around CommuniCore Hall and Plaza, as well as on the new building’s walls. CommuniCore Hall is part of the years-long reimagining of EPCOT. CommuniCore Hall & Plaza Construction CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza are located in World Celebration, at the edge of the gardens that opened in December. Some … Read more

PHOTOS: Most Scaffolding Removed From Hotel du Canada Facade in EPCOT

Hotel du Canada facade over construction walls

After crews began to remove scaffolding from the Hotel du Canada façade in the Canada Pavilion of EPCOT last month, the scaffolding and scrim are now completely gone from one side of the building. Hotel du Canada Refurbishment Refurbishment of the building began last summer, with scaffolding completely covering some sides of the building. Crews … Read more

PHOTOS: Shortcut from EPCOT Main Entrance & Spaceship Earth to The Seas Pavilion Now Closed

Path from EPCOT Entrance Spaceship Earth to Seas Closed Permanently3 1

On Monday, Disney jumped the gun a bit and announced to Cast Members that the path between the entrance of EPCOT and The Seas Pavilion was now permanently closed. Despite this, the path remained open this week, well, at least up until today… EPCOT Main Entrance and Spaceship Earth The temporary construction bypass opened in … Read more

BREAKING: Path from Spaceship Earth to The Seas Closed Permanently, EPCOT Rose Walk Closed for 5 Weeks

West Park Entrance Bypass Walkway Near Moana epcot open 11 1 scaled

Two navigational updates have come to EPCOT. Two paths are now closed, one permanently and one temporarily. Path from Spaceship Earth to The Seas Disney has announced that northwest path that led from Spaceship Earth/the main EPCOT entrance to The Seas pavilion is now permanently closed. It originally opened in December 2019 as a construction … Read more