Polite Pig Mapel Bourbon Eggnog 2

REVIEW: Get in the Holiday Spirits with Maple Bourbon Eggnog at Disney Springs

The Polite Pig is serving up a cup of cheer over at Disney Springs with their new Maple Bourbon Eggnog.

A boozy bit of fun, even for those who may not love eggnog, this cocktail is not overly heavy on cream or very thick. It goes down smooth, with the bourbon and eggnog playing equal companions to each other as long as you remember to stir every so often. Also, while a straw is provided, don’t skip out on the cinnamon and brown sugar rim, which adds a unique tang we’ve found nowhere else at Disney Springs.

Make sure to try this festival glass while it lasts. The eggnog will be available until the end of December.

Polite Pig Mapel Bourbon Eggnog 3

Polite Pig Mapel Bourbon Eggnog 1

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