PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 7/17/19 (Pathway Construction, New World Showcase Merchandise, and More Food and Wine Booths!)

Let’s take a stroll through Epcot and see what’s happening on this fine mid-summer day.

As we’ve covered before, half of the Leave a Legacy monuments have been removed from the entrance to the park. No sign of when they’re going to remove the other half.

It really wasn’t too busy this morning. Short lines all over the park until midday. Even then, it wasn’t bad.


Outside the park, they’re hard at work rebuilding the parking lot tram infrastructure. You can see a more complete look at the project here.

Not a lot has changed at the soon-to-be Guardians of the Galaxy building.

It looks like they’re getting closer to installing the walls on this side, finally.

More walls went up recently for pathway widening and realignment near the Imagination pavilion.

They started doing some dirt moving and such. This area has traditionally just been grass, so I’m curious to see what they do to it.

The pathway to World Showcase is starting to look like a pathway again.

It looks like they’re about ready to pour the concrete.

They have a lot left to do further down, however.

The Toy Story theme has been stripped from the playground near Mouse Gear.

It’s back to a neutral theme until management decides they need more synergy. Should we take bets on what the next overlay will be? I’m going to put my money on Frozen 2.

The Buzz, Woody, and Bo Peep topiaries are gone now, as well. They were the last hold-outs from the Flower and Garden Festival.

World Showcase

This is why you should always hit World Showcase right at 11. Everything is empty for easily the first hour and a half.

We noticed the first of the 2019 Food and Wine booths appearing in my last report. Even more have appeared since then!

I love Food and Wine for the wide variety of countries that get recognized.

I can’t say I love the Italy booth, though. I’m still waiting for it to impress me one of these years.

This booth still had its Festival of the Holidays sign up last week. They finally covered it up.

A lot of changes are coming to the American Adventure (the pavilion, not the show!) soon. They’ve been taking the time recently to fix up the concrete in the whole pavilion.

I believe bricks are supposed go where these planks are currently.

Germany is looking good today.

Not the fountain though– no water!

Germany World Showcase Hat ($24.99)

While I was in Germany, I found this nice “World Showcase” Germany hat.

Germany World Showcase Hat ($24.99)
Germany World Showcase Hat ($24.99)
France World Showcase Hat ($24.99)

I found its cousin in the France pavilion. I’m hoping they do these for every country.

France World Showcase Hat ($24.99)
France World Showcase Hat ($24.99)

Meanwhile, in The House of Good Fortune in China…

They keep moving the signage about the cotton candy artisan. He’s still at the back of the pavilion, but the sign with his times is towards the front of the shop.

The House of Good Fortune also (still) sells Shanghai Disney merchandise. It’s not a large selection, but there are a few fun items from both the Grand Opening and first anniversary.

The price on the train set has been reduced.

If you don’t mind losing out on the “gold” color scheme, you can get the exact same train set anywhere else in Walt Disney World for even cheaper.

Say hi to Ralph, the coolest bear in Canada (well, the pavilion at least).

I’m going to keep talking about this ad nauseum because I’m going to miss the show tremendously: the Martin Short version of O’ Canada is closing soon.

The facade for the theater is almost all behind work scrim right now. They’re fixing it up ahead of the premiere of the new show next year.

It leads to some very interesting views.

That’s it from Epcot for today. Anyone who wants to join me for the final show of Martin Short’s version of “O’ Canada” on the evening of July 31st– I’ll be there with bells on. In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated on everything happening in and around the Disney Parks!

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Anfeew Beliwi
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You rock, dude!! 👍🤪