PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 8/17/19 (Pathway Construction, Finished Refurbishments and Food and Wine Additions)

Good morning from the shadow of Spaceship Earth. Let’s see what’s going on in Epcot today.

Epcot first thing in the morning is the most peaceful place. At least, everywhere except Test Track and Soarin’.

They may have taken away my beloved Taste Track, but its spirit will live on during Food and Wine this year as Cool Wash gets to join in on the fun.

Just beyond Cool Wash, the pathway along the side of Mouse Gear is getting a visit from the refurbishment fairy. Much like its cousin on the West side of the park, it’s going to be widened to ease guest traffic.

While it’s closed, the playground will still be accessible via this entrance.

Speaking of the West side, the pond over near Imagination! was drained today.

I couldn’t tell if was being drained, or if it had been drained and was being refilled. Either way, I think it was because of the pathway construction happening just feet away.

They’re doing work well below the water line.

They’re making really good progress since last week. It looks like almost all of the concrete is finished.

There are now four booths staged over here. Just in time, too, as the 2019 Food and Wine Festival kicks off in less than two weeks.

The new structure over here is shooting up like a weed.

Hopefully it’s new restrooms. The single-stall ones over here don’t cut it anymore.

World Showcase

It seems like everything is behind construction walls these days, but for every new wall that goes up, one comes down somewhere. The work is finally finished on the quick service in Mexico.

It got a fresh coat of paint.

Also finished is the refurbishment work on this area in the France pavilion.

It’s looking good! This area tends to be overflow line for the Food and Wine booth during the festival.

The Australia booth also finally showed up to the party. This one is across from The Refreshment Port.

They’ve started adding some of the details to these booths, as well.

Japan got its register stands, as well as some cherry blossom sprigs.

Brazil is getting a nice set of colored flags over its seating area.

I wasn’t sure if Hops and Barley would be in the same place as previous years, what with this area having been behind walls. The walls are down, though, and it remains in its old home.

The Liberty Inn, which is transforming into The Regal Eagle Smokehouse, doesn’t look like it will be ready in time for Food and Wine, unfortunately.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Live! only runs until August 18th. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth your time. They might bring it back next year, but honestly you never know.

Another thing that’s going away soon is the current version of Reflections of China.

Check it out now before the new movie arrives in January.


Fairy Tails Magic Band ($34.99)

They have a few left-over magic bands from the Pin Trading event that happened last weekend. You can find them in limited quantity at the Camera Center.

Halloween Patches ($19.99)

I found these cute new patches for Halloween at Mouse Gear.

Halloween Patches ($19.99)
America Hat ($29.99)

Bedazzled denim Americana, anyone? I found this in The American Adventure, in Heritage Manor Gifts.

America Hat ($29.99)

I think I’ll just put it back right where I found it.

American Tank Top ($29.99)

They also had this fun, summer barbecue patterned shirt.

American Tank Top ($29.99)

The new passports have their own display box! I’ve seen this in a few locations around the park.

The new $1 pressed penny machines are everywhere now. I found this one in The Land, near Sunshine Seasons.

The Dia de los Muertos line of merchandise is available in the Mexico pavilion, appropriately.

It’s right next to the Coco stuff, which makes sense.

That’s all from Epcot for today! The 2019 Food and Wine Festival is right around the corner. Make sure to join us in a couple weeks as we cover everything new and old at this year’s festival.