PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Park 1/10/20 (Roaming R2-D2 in Galaxy’s Edge, Mark Twain River Boat Refurbishment, and Alebrijes)


r2d2 roaming

PHOTO REPORT: Disneyland Park 1/10/20 (Roaming R2-D2 in Galaxy’s Edge, Mark Twain River Boat Refurbishment, and Alebrijes)

We are back to Disneyland Park today! With the holidays ending and Rise of the Resistance opening in a little bit over a week, come look at the changes occurring inside Disneyland, including a roaming R2-D2 droid active in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.


esplanade dl

We arrived at Disneyland resort around 11:00 am today, and there was a little bit of a wait to get into the park.

esplanade dl esplanade dl

esplanade dl

It took about five minutes to get close to the ticket scan.

Main Street, U.S.A

disneyland guide map

Disneyland’s new guide map features everyone’s favorite wookiee, Chewbacca.

main street band

The Main Street Strawhatters are a group of brass and string playing fellows who entertain guests on Main Street, U.S.A. You can catch them playing classic old-timey tunes throughout the day.

main street usa

The Christmas decor is now down on Main Street.

esplanade dl

Minnie was out in her classic red polka-dotted dress meeting with guests in front of the Opera House today.

main street usa dl

main street usa dl

Donald Duck was found on the other side of the Opera House signing autographs.

main street usa dl

Goofy casually walked through Main Street, U.S.A.

main street usa dl

The Main Street Vehicles were out inviting guests to take a ride.  

main street usa dl

main street usa dl

Main Street Station had almost no one in line for the train today.

main street usa dl emporium

Pluto was near the Emporium, taking photos with guests.

dl firestation

The Disneyland Fire Department had no visitors inside it when we passed by today. The light is still lit in Walt’s apartment on the second floor.

main street usa dl

Inside the Emporium, all the Christmas decorations were also down.


hub dl

Central Plaza had a lot of people walking through. With no parade currently playing, we don’t see people lining up on the sidewalks anymore.


star tiurs

Even though crowds have been dying down, Star Tours is still offering the Single Rider queue to guests. The stand-by line was at a 30-minute wait around 11:30.

single rider dl

TL wall

The entrance wall next to Star Tours is finished and inviting guests into the future.

astro blasters

On the other side of Tomorrowland, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters was a 20-minute wait.

TL construction

The entrance wall on this side of Tomorrowland is not completed yet. We hope to see it finished soon.

starwars launch bay

Star Wars Launch Bay didn’t have too many people entering today.

launch bay art

There is some pretty cool art being sold at the shop at the end of the Launch Bay, including a Journey into Imagination poster, Peoplemover poster, House of the Future sign, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea poster.

launch bay

Operational hours for Star Wars Launch Bay are from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, so make sure you plan accordingly.

TL construction

The line for the digital touchscreen FastPass kiosks was a little long today.

TL construction

The construction for the emergency exit ramp is still underway on Space Mountain.

TL construction

submarine voyage

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage had a 25-minute wait today.


This is one of my favorite views in the whole park.



The Matterhorn was a 30-minute wait around noon.

matterhorn matterhorn

“For your safety, remain seated with your seat belts fastened, keeping your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the bobsled.”

small world refurb

“it’s a small world” is under refurbishment to tear away Christmas and bring it back to its normal state.

fantasyland theater

The Fantasyland Theater was closed today.

magical map

Mickey’s busy mixing up some new colors.

dumbo fantasyland dl

Dumbo, the Flying Elephant, was a 20-minute wait around noon.

monstro dl

Monstro, the whale, was waiting for some visitors.

Mickey’s Toontown

mickeys toontown dl

Over in Toontown, Christmas is still very much alive.

toontown dl

The decorations have yet to come down.

roger rabbits cartoon spin

Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin was a 20-minute wait around 12:05 pm. Remember always to check the FastPass return time because, in this case, you can get a FastPass and immediately enter the ride.

meet mickey dl

To meet the Mouse himself, it was only 15 minutes.

pluto toontown dl

Pluto was also found by the Camera Shop in Mickey’s Toontown, taking photos with guests today.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

rise of the resistance

As we prepare for Rise of the Resistance to open on January 17th, Cast Member Previews have started.

roaming r2d2 droid

R2-D2 could be seen roaming Star-Wars: Galaxy’s Edge today. We saw him a little bit a few days ago, but since then, he has been out almost every day.

r2d2 roaming

He was sensing a message from these two Batuuians today.

Critter Country

splash mountain DL

Splash Mountian was looking good on this cloudy day.

canoes dl

The Davy Crockett’s Explorer Canoes remain closed during the week.

critter country columbia dl

The Sailing Ship Columbia was out all day as the Mark Twain Riverboat is under refurbishment.

mark twain refurbishment

At the Harbour Gallery, tarps are hung around the gated area as work is occurring on the Mark Twain Riverboat.

mark twain refurbishment mark twain refurbishment

New Orleans Square

NOS disneyland

The Jambalaya Jazz Band was out in New Orleans Square, playing some excellent tunes.

PoC dl

Pirates of the Carribean was a 15-minute wait around 2 pm.

NOS disneyland

Guests are enjoying the last of Haunted Mansion Holiday before it goes down for refurbishment on January 21st.


adventureland dl

While there is no exact timeline for the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye refurbishment,  we are assuming this attraction will close soon.

adventureland dladventureland dl

Crowds were dense in Adventureland.

adventureland dl

The holiday tree that sat above the stroller parking in Adventureland is gone.

tropical hideway

Tropical Hideaway had no line today!


Frontierland disneyland

Over at Pioneer Mercantile in Frontierland, Pecos Bill welcomed us in.

Frontierland disneyland

An alebrije display has been placed in the store. There is a Dante and Monkey alebrije available for $39.99.

Frontierland disneyland

While Christmas merchandise has disappeared from many stores in the park, you can find all your needs in the Pioneer Mercantile.

Frontierland disneyland

The screen in Pioneer Mercantile that displays western related Disney cartoons has not been operational the past few days. Today we were able to catch a quick look at Pecos Bill!

Frontierland disneyland

The Shooting Exposition still had a holiday wreath strung from the top. Over the next few days, we can assume the rest of the Christmas Decorations will disappear.

That’s all for this trip! Follow along live with our trips in the park on Instagram at @disneylandnewstoday and twitter at @dlnt. Check back on our site for more coverage coming up!

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