REVIEW: Forbidden Mountain Yeti Cone Doesn’t Move Us at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Another day, another motionless white chocolate Yeti. Yes, we said white chocolate Yeti. During a visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we discovered the Forbidden Mountain Cone and felt up to the challenge. This seems like an interesting snack to have after riding Expedition Everest.

The cone is made up of chocolate and vanilla soft serve (layered, not swirled) on a blue cone with snowflake sprinkles. Of course, the most important part, is a white chocolate rectangle of the Yeti from Expedition Everest. For $5.29, it sounds like a pretty fair deal.

Well, it is a hot day here in Florida, so maybe that’s the reason there are no snowflake sprinkles. We do have the sugary blue crystals, which is still a nice addition. But… what’s with the upside down Yeti?

I get it. When you’re handing out tons of these ice cream cones, they all begin to blur together. It’s really not easy to distinguish the top from the bottom of the image, but an upside down Yeti left us laughing.

After dripping on everything, we finally made it to the Forbidden Mountain.

This cone falls somewhere in between the beautiful Arendelle Aqua Cone and the sad, limited time one ear Yoda Cone. It doesn’t offer any special flavor to make it worth a second visit, and the presentation was lacking. A regular cone is $4.99, so you’re basically paying $0.30 for a chocolate piece and some sprinkles (if you’re lucky enough to get any). It’s not bad, but only worth the extra if you need a Yeti on your cone. Unfortunately, this cone just didn’t move us. If you’re willing to brave the Forbidden Mountain cone, you can find it at the colorful Anandapur Ice Cream Truck. Good luck!

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Fozzy the bear
10 months ago

Ah, that’s funny!!!

10 months ago

Again full artificial coulourings ? … Very healthy…