PHOTOS: Space 220 Exterior Receives Themed Paint Scheme at EPCOT

Color has finally been brought to the exterior of Space 220 Restaurant! Today, we saw gradients of blue and a few shapes added to the restaurant’s building, which is right behind Mission: SPACE.


Here’s the full view of the changes we noticed today.

space-220-construction-02-16-2020-2.jpg space-220-construction-02-16-2020-3.jpg

Toward the left side of the construction site, you can see most of the new blue paint. The exterior of the building matches the space-themed elements of Mission: SPACE, where the exterior moon figure was recently painted a bold shade of purple.


Toward the right side of the site, construction materials are in place.

space-220-construction-02-16-2020-5.jpg space-220-construction-02-16-2020-6.jpg

The blue coloring swoops downs this doorway visible right behind the construction fence.


Moving in closer, we see painting still hasn’t begun. Additionally, paint hasn’t been completed on the entirety of the building.

Guests will enter the Space 220 Restaurant through the far right side of Mission: SPACE, similar to how the Coral Reef Restaurant at the Seas with Nemo & Friends is accessed. Read more about the restaurant’s entry experience here.

WDW News Today will keep you in-the-loop as construction continues at Space 220 Restaurant.

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