VIDEO: Step-by-Step Tutorial on NEW Disney Park Pass Reservation System at Walt Disney World

Jessica Figueroa

VIDEO: Step-by-Step Tutorial on NEW Disney Park Pass Reservation System at Walt Disney World

Jessica Figueroa

VIDEO: Step-by-Step Tutorial on NEW Disney Park Pass Reservation System at Walt Disney World

With the recent announcement, and today the unveiling of the new Walt Disney World Park Pass Reservation System, we’ve finally been able to get a look at how this system works and use it firsthand. With the limited amount of information provided by Disney, we put together a brief tutorial on how to use the system, including making Park Pass reservations and cancelling existing ones.

disney park pass reservation graphic

You can see screenshots of the process, as well as tips on how to access the page, by clicking here, but for more interactive, easy-to-follow instructions on the process of securing reservations, check out the video below:

Have you had any luck getting into and using the Park Pass Reservation System? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I managed to get about 4 days into my 7 day trip before it locked up and now it’s saying there isn’t any days left of this year. are we only allowed to do so many days at a time? I can’t get anyone to give me a answer

  2. We were able to get our reservations for two days in mid November this morning. I think a lot of folks thought the reservation system was giving them issues, but we discovered it was actually logging into the My Disney Experience where the backlog was with taunting castles and never ending timers. Eventually, I just googled “Disney my experience login” and was able to directly access a profile login screen. Had no issues or downtime once I was able to actually log in!

  3. Hey Jess or even Tom, Do you know if you can make resort modifications at guest services right now? I ask because I have an upcoming stay and the resort phone line is busy for obvious reasons. Thanks.

  4. Starting at 7am AK (GMT-9) I tried to access the system but it took until about 9:30am before I was able to get through the virtual waiting room and start selecting my park reservations. This was not unexpected for a major launch to have waits or glitches, so overall not bad. Once in there was the minor annoyance of needing to make reservations for each day as it were a separate entity from the whole of the vacation. It would have been nice to select my party once, select multiple days, then associate each day to a park. Instead I had to cycle back through scrolling months ahead for each day. Something as simple as remembering the month from the previous selecting and jumping ahead to that month on the calendar would have been super helpful.

  5. It finally let me get into My Disney Experience page but nothing loaded when I went to Park reservations! Not even a hold page. Then I think it timed out and am now waiting to get back in again! So frustrating

  6. Waited for 2 hours past launch this morning and finally got in. However, the system only let my family (APs) book 3 days of reservations, despite having a 7 night stay at the Boardwalk confirmed and linked to our My Disney Experience profiles. Can’t get a line into the phone number the site recommends calling to resolve the issue, so waiting this out a bit I guess!

  7. Yes. My family had luck. We got park reservations for 8 days in row. We were trying for about 2 hours starting at 7am est and right at the 2 hour mark a space mountain icon showed up with a countdown. It was for 15 minutes. When that counter hit 3 minutes it went straight into the park reservation system. Took about 10 minutes if that to complete all 8 days of park reservations for our tickets. Got 3 magic kingdom 2 epcot 2 hollywood studios and 1 animal kingdom. We were also on hold for 3 hours to talk to a cast member who changed our resort for us due to our previous hotel being closed for our trip. Now staying a Riviera Resort. Went from value to Deluxe with minimal up charge. Hope the trundle beds dont break. Lol

  8. We have been trying since 8am this morning to book our resort reservations for our package trip, and cant get passed the sign in page. It has even kicked us out a few times to where we have to start all over again.

  9. I was able to get in the system and make park reservations for December (6 days), but was limited to only 2 days in January

  10. It won’t let me pick all the days I have a room reservation for. Stops me at 3 but I need 2 more

  11. I don’t mind the whole reservation thing just need to find out something. I was 1 of those people that had maybe 15 to 30 days left on my pass when the parks shut down. And I recieved an email saying we will in fact get our remaining time put back on our ticket and I wanted to find out when? You see I heard that there is going to be a special passholders reopening preview day on the 9th and 10th of July? I do not know if this is correct but I was wondering if you were 1 that had your passholders ticket expire during the outbreak of the pandemic if the remaining days will go on prior to that so that you’ll be able to make a reservation and attend that preview relaunch event specifically for passholders? So I wanna know ASAP when and if I’ll be able to make a reservation to come for one of those days if they are truly having it!

  12. Thank you so much for the information!! We were at Disney Springs this weekend. Both days we stopped at Guest Relations. The castmembers could not answer most questions about the new system. It is very frustrating that Disney can’t explain anything in detail to us… Again, thank you for this!!

  13. I got the Olaf “something went wrong” error about 5 times at each step, but ultimately secured magic Kingdom and epcot for our trip in September. Still on the fence if we will keep it, but wanted to have the spot in case!
    I had to use the “chat” feature because I could not figure it out; apparently I was trying to early. The schedule was up but you couldn’t select your party yet. Once it was running it seemed intuitive.

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