Walt Disney World Releases Official Statement Regarding Monthly Annual Passholder Payment Errors

Earlier this afternoon, reports began pouring in of Walt Disney World Annual Passholders on the monthly payment plan getting hit with four months’ worth of payments—a full week before the parks reopened and payments were even set to begin.

Guests Services cast members over the phone called it a “computer glitch”, stating that refunds are being “actively processed.” Now, Walt Disney World has released an official statement regarding the payment error:

The landing site for Annual Passholders still lists the following information regarding options for Passholders on the monthly payment plan:

Annual Passholders impacted will be automatically refunded. As of publishing, we have yet to see any reports of refunds being processed yet, but we will update you once they start going through. Passholders still in need of assistance should contact V.I.PASSHOLDER Support at (407) 939-7277.

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  1. I dont understand why they took payments when the parks not even open yet and they still have not given people a chance to cancel.

  2. That’s the wrong number for Monthly Payments 1888 701 4100 option 3 Please do not call the number this writer has listed

  3. Keep in mind, almost no banks do on demand financial transfers these days. I was in charge of this at a previous employer.
    If Disney is on top of this, you should expect to see refunds show up the next day.
    (Obviously I am not Disney, so I cannot speak for them )

  4. I’m not sure about this glitch. When Disney first canceled the automatic AP payments months ago, I immediately commented that I bet they would come back and collect all the missing payments at one time just before the parks reopened. I find it hard to believe that I thought of this immediately and the business geniuses at WDW did not consider it for 4 months? Something not passing the smell test here.

  5. Yep they hit me this evening for $272 and also in June for $67. Disney you are really batting 1000 on the short end your passholders are getting with everything.

  6. Passholders who still need assistance will need to call Passholder Payment Services at 888-701-4100 option #3. Monday thru Friday 8am to 8pm

  7. Hey, they are already going to charge me for months I can’t use my pass because I can’t get a park reservation, why not also also charge me for the closure months??
    Just when I think I can’t be more disappointed in how I am treated as a pass holder, they find new and creative ways to disappoint me further! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  8. I would voice my frustration with how much i have lost trust in Disney, they have had a rough few months from you failure with shop Disney, to what seems to be a lack of caring and appreciation for the AP’s. and now my account get nailed for $600.00. what is going on..

  9. one of my disney AP charges got reversed this afternoon!! looks they are working on it. one more to go!

  10. Got hit again after the first charge was reversed this weekend , this kinda nonsense proves no one in it had a plan in place to prevent glitches like this from popping up if their system shut down

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