PHOTOS: Construction on Former Mouse Gear Store Reimagining Continues at EPCOT

Mouse Gear closed earlier this year and moved into a temporary home while a complete overhaul of the classic EPCOT store gets underway. Concept art of this reimagining was revealed at D23 in 2019, but for now, we can only catch glimpses of the construction happening inside and out.

When we last checked on construction, a contractor was in this area working on the wall or ceiling. Now a green tarp is hanging in the opening.

The reimagining will have more open windows instead of displays lining the walls.

The construction wall nearby directs guests to different areas of the park, and also advertises Regal Eagle Smokehouse.

There seems to be construction going on behind these walls, though for now you can see straight through to the other side of the breezeway.

Even the Journey Into Imagination pavilion is visible behind some supports.

It seems these bathrooms are still being repainted.

Right now, there is only rough white primer paint on the bottom half of the building, but ladders nearby suggest the rest will be painted soon.

The restroom sign is lined in painter’s tape.

Through these windows, you can further see that the store is being opened up to allow in more light.

Walls have been taken down in this area.

The interior structure is still mostly exposed.

Even the old directional signs have been removed as the entirety of Future World is under construction, and most likely new locations will need to be added to these signs.

We can see construction vehicles at the front of Mouse Gear from the other side of the lagoon.

You can still see the wall with the cog art to the right.

Closer to the construction walls, you can see inside some of Mouse Gear, though for now mostly only windows are visible.

You can see that Mickey’s hand holding a wand still hangs from the ceiling in what was previously the toy section.

It looks like some display cases might still be in this room as well.

We can see some exposed ceiling on the other side of this playground.

It seems for now that construction is still mainly structural and electrical. Once these bases are complete, decoration and displays will be installed.

Are you excited about the new Mouse Gear or will you miss the old version?

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6 months ago

I’m looking forward to the new mousegear! I’m really hoping the weird stripes of neutral paint on the upper exterior of the building ( aka leftovers from the Home Depot oops paint section) disappear when the project is completed!