PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 1/21/21 (Plexiglass Added To Haunted Mansion Queue, Rivers of America Refilling Begins, Disney Dogs And Cats Dress Shop Dresses Arrive, and More)

Hello from a beautiful day at the Magic Kingdom! We came to check out what new things we could find here, and we’re glad we did, because we found lots of things to show you! Let’s get started!


When we entered the park, we noticed that the “Sharing The Magic” statue had not yet been replaced in it’s normal spot at the head of Main Street, USA. We hope to see it back there soon!


The Hall of Presidents is closed in order to add President Biden to the show. No reopening date is known.


The construction site for TRON Lightcycle / Run was a hub of activity today, with the various assembled pieces of illuminated canopy on the ground having been connected together. These large pieces were being prepared to be lifted into place when we saw them today.


Over the weekend, we saw planters brought in to block off the corner of Bonjour! Village Gifts, and today we noticed scrim fabric had been added to those planters. We also heard construction workers behind the planters, although we could not hear or see what they were doing.


We saw the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover testing today, with ride vehicles in appropriate coupling and spacing for the ride to be running with passengers.


We found more concrete work in Tomorrowland. It seems every day there’s a new patch of concrete blocked off.


We found new plexiglass barriers had been added to the Haunted Mansion queue overnight, allowing for the line to be more contained in the normal queue area in front of the attraction. For more pictures and information, check out our article here.


The refurbishment of Harper’s Mill appears to be finished, including the cement “rock work” in front of the building. The building got a fresh coat of red stain in addition to a few facade. For more pictures and information, check out our article here.


With work only recently visibly finished in the bed of Rivers of America, we saw the refilling process begin today. For more pictures and information, check out our article here.


While passing through Tomorrowland, we spotted a sidewalk artist painting some Valentine’s Day-inspired couples art. We couldn’t help but share these iconic couples!


We found some fun, new merchandise to show you today, starting with this towel shaped like Space Mountain. For more pictures and information, check out our article here.


If ear headbands aren’t your thing, go for a more classic look with this new Disney Princess ear hat, complete with tiara. Technically, this hat is youth sized, but we personally compared it to an adult sized hat, and found very little difference. For more pictures and information, check out our article here.


The Dress Shop dresses for the Disney Dogs and Cats line have finally arrived, and all we can say is “Me-OW!” The Dogs dress is a stretch jersey knit, while the Cats dress is the traditional printed cotton. For more pictures and information, check out our article here.


We found several new shirts in the MaDe kiosk in Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. The first was this 2021 Annual Passholder design.


The majority of the new shirts were “The Mandalorian”-themed. New designs referencing Season Two have been coming out slowly.


All of these shirts are customizable and start at $29.99.


At The Emporium, we found two new Alex And Ani bracelets. The first was this new design for Valentine’s Day featuring Mickey and Minnie, retailing for $44.99.


The second was this nautical Minnie design retailing for $49.99.


While at The Emporium, we also found these new cropped sweatshirts featuring Mickey Mouse in a Walt Disney World logo. Each sweat retails for $44.99


We found two new Mickey & Co shirts at Star Traders today, starting with this fun embroidered “Minnie” shirt, which retails for $26.99.


Next was this color block shirt featuring Mickey, Minnie, and Donald also for $26.99.


We had a great day at the Magic Kingdom today, and we hope you enjoyed coming along with us. Have a magical day!