PHOTOS: “The Bourne Stuntacular” at Universal Studios Florida Now Seating Every Row, Guests Seated Directly In Front or Behind Each Other

In June 2020, “The Bourne Stuntacular” opened to Guests at Universal Studios Florida. This show is a “cutting-edge fusion of stagecraft and film” featuring lots of chase scenes, fistfights, and more while utilizing live actors, props and a giant LED screen. When the attraction first opened, physical distancing efforts were being made between rows and parties. Up until now, every other row was blocked off to ensure physical distancing. Now, Team Members are seating Guests at every row and there is no distancing observed between rows in the theater.


As before, parties in the same row still have empty seats separating them. With every row being used, there is apparently no effort to stagger the parties in alternating rows, which results in people from different parties being seated directly in front of or behind you.

Today (January 27, 2021)

The scene we observed today is a stark contrast from what we observed back in June when there was an empty row between guests:

BourneStuntacular 44
June 2020

With it being a lower-crowd weekday, guests being seated in every row resulted in the front six rows of the theater being completely empty.



Although the physical distancing is no longer happening in the theater itself, distancing markers are still on the floor of the pre-show room, separating parties from each other.


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Have you experienced “The Bourne Stuntacular”? What are your thoughts on the current physical distancing protocols?

9 thoughts on “PHOTOS: “The Bourne Stuntacular” at Universal Studios Florida Now Seating Every Row, Guests Seated Directly In Front or Behind Each Other”

  1. I think people are going to have to get over themselves and stop being frightened of every single shadow or -the HORROR- being near other HUMANS at a THEME park YOU paid to go to!! Good god get over it!

  2. Not enforcing proper mask usage either apparently going off the pictures. I see two people with their masks under their noses. Nice to know Universal is immune to the global pandemic.

  3. My family just recently went to Universal Orlando, and they literally are doing nothing to protect their guests. People are walking around with no masks on and park employees do nothing. The rides and attractions are loaded up with people with no one following social distance guide lines and they were only excepting cash at some of their kiosks. The only thing I can say they had right that I haven’t seen at other parks was the distribution of hand sanitizer being squeezed into guests hands from a bottle by park employees and Employees spraying and wipping down rides after guests get off. Now I didn’t see this on every ride but I haven’t seen at all at other parks.

    • maybe the best thing for you to do is not go to a park. i go to one of the 2 parks every other weekend, and i have never had an issue, in fact i think the measures that Disney is taking is Dumb, Plexiglass is not magic. if you feel that the parks are un save for you and your fample dont go. i’m getting tired of being forced to change to fit the lifestyle of scared people

  4. This is really irresponsible of them. I love universal and last time we went it wasn’t that bad. But it sucks to see that they are starting to become really irresponsible about this. Since Florida is already a covid hotspot I feel like universal is on the fast-track to another full shutdown, Not cool.

  5. Between this and Disney opening the waterparks it seems like the central florida parks have given up trying to do this safely.

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