“Vaccine Passports” Likely Coming Soon for United States Travelers

Shannen Ace


“Vaccine Passports” Likely Coming Soon for United States Travelers

The Biden administration is reportedly working with private companies to develop some sort of “vaccine passport” or “vaccine credentials” that would allow people to prove they have been vaccinated.

While Disney and Universal theme parks have not yet announced any change in policies regarding vaccinated guests, some companies have announced they will require proof of vaccination before allowing visitors. “Vaccine passports” could be an easy, standard way for people in the United States to prove their vaccination records. The Biden administration is currently exploring the best way to quickly provide these passports.

According to coronavirus coordinator Jeff Zients at a March 12 briefing, “Our role is to help ensure that any solutions in this area should be simple, free, open-source, accessible to people both digitally and on paper, and designed from the start to protect people’s privacy.”

The Washington Post reports that there are currently 17 passport initiatives underway led by different organizations, including the World Health Organization and IBM. The Biden administration is attempting to zero in on their best option for tracking vaccines, as well as dealing with other challenges, such as data privacy and healthcare equity.

The passports need to be available to all vaccinated Americans without being easily hacked or counterfeited. Developers have said that the free passports could be available through a smartphone app that would display a scannable code. Those without a smartphone would be able to print the passport instead. This idea even reminds us of Walt Disney World’s upcoming MagicMobile Pass system.

“Vaccine passports” or credentials will likely be most important when it comes to air travel. Major air and travel associations recently called on the White House to finalize the vaccine credentials plan by May. Proof of vaccination could also be necessary for cruises.

Other countries are also working on creating their own vaccine credential systems. The European Union has pledged to release digital certificates in time for summer travel and it has been previously posited international travel restrictions will loosen by May.

Currently, Floridians over the age of 40 are able to get vaccinated, and Floridians over the age of 18 will be eligible next month. Californians 16 and up will be eligible on April 15. Vaccinated guests are still required to wear face masks at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort.

Source: The Washington Post

36 thoughts on ““Vaccine Passports” Likely Coming Soon for United States Travelers”

    • Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety

      -Benjamin Franklin

      • How is this an essential liberty any more than requiring a real ID, a driver’s license to operate a car or a passport to enter another country?

        • Jormundgandr – None of the items you listed as comparison to enter another country requires being injected with unknown foreign chemicals. No matter what the stance is, whether the person is pro vaccine or against the vaccine there is a HUGE difference from stating provide me a card with your information vs provide me a card that shows me you got injected with something into your body.

          For those countries that do require specific vaccines (like when you visit Africa) those vaccines have gone thru the studies to provide long term effects and determine the safety of it. Covid has not. Covid vaccine cannot be classified as fully safe until after all clinical studies and long term studies are done, which is not until 2023.

          That’s what I’m getting from Earitchs, Benjamin Franklin’s quote. Whether a person is pro vaccine or against it, it should be their choice plain an simple and most certainly should be a choice when it has not even finished it’s clinical studies.

  1. Guess if Disney goes with this Orwellian policy I will never visit again. You Cannot Extort people into getting this damn vaccine. It was made using aborted babies cell lines. It is immoral to take them. I refuse. Over 3,000 people have died as a result of the vaccine being given to them. I’ll take the same stupid stance that women for abortion do…MY BODY, MY CHOICE! Disney better be prepared for lawsuits and massive refunds.

    • I’m sure the multi billion dollar company will really miss your money.

      By the way my tin foil hat is missing, can I borrow one of your extras?

    • None of this is true. You don’t have to take the vaccine if you don’t choose to, but please don’t spread blatantly false information like this.

        • The line “do some research” is most often used by those unable to provide the evidence themselves.

      • right you don’t have to BUT they will force you to decide to want to take the vaccine when you need to prove you got the vaccine to fly on a plane. You don’t have to get the vaccine but I’m just not gonna let you on the plane if you decided you don’ wanna get the vaccine. This has been the plan with this vaccine. People don’t fully trust the vaccine or are skeptical about getting it so they gave a nudge with making different better vaccines. then they gave a push by saying that these spikes are going to happen more and more if you don’t get the vaccine. then they pick you up and throw you by saying you know you can’t go flying around or get free donuts without a vaccine. BUT I mean it’s your choice

        • Why does this vaccine get so much more attention than others? I don’t recall the same uproar over the varicella or HPV vaccine when those were released.

    • I actually that all of you loudmouths stop going to Disney if they require vaccine passports. It will make the parks less crowded and I don’t have to watch security throw out all the morons that refuse to comply.

    • No one is extorting anyone. If you don’t like the rule – DON’T GO. It’s as simple as that. No lawsuits, no refunds. It’s a corporation, not a public place. If you chose to not get the vaccine and Disney requires it, then you don’t go. It’s as simple as that.

      • Hey VaxUp, there are thousands of Guests who paid for Disney vacations pre-COVID who are not aligned with forced vaccines/passports, myself included. Are you saying that I just eat the 5 grand? Either provide an alternative or refund my money.

    • Aside from your comment not having a single shred of reality contained within it, we’ve had over 550,000 deaths in the US due to COVID-19. Worldwide it’s over 2,790,000 dead. But heaven forbid Disney check if guests are up on their vaccinations to keep people safe. Your freedom ends where the safety of others begins.

    • 2,790,000 COVID related deaths world wide.
      How people do you know who has or had POLIO? I’m old enough to remember people who had it. Now there is none. Same with small pox.
      Your a mindless fear monger.
      BTW, sue Disney all you want, your case will be dismissed.

  2. They will be losing our business if they do. Pretty discriminatory. I have seen enough of vaccine lawsuits as an attorney to know better than to take an experimental injection for a low mortality illness. Guess only certain types of people can go anywhere now. Seems more like a dictatorship every day…

    • Apparently , like so many other naysayers , you haven’t done your research. The primary scientific baseline of the Covid-19 vaccines have been in development for over a decade. There is nothing “ experimental “ about it.

      • It is absolutely FDA approved. I don’t know where you are getting your info but you need to be better informed.

    • You’re absolutely right eventually we’ll have no choices on anything if we allow this stuff to keep happening…..

  3. I fully support an official “ vaccine passport “ approach in the United States. Those that choose not to be vaccinated should not have access to air travel , public transportation, entertainment venues including concerts , movies and the like. It should be also be mandatory to prove you have been vaccinated in order to visit theme parks , swimming pools and sporting events. Those who make the choice not to get vaccinated should not be allowed. Period.

    • Don, if I gave you a random cup of water and asked you to drink it, would you? Wouldn’t you want to be 100% sure of its source, purity, and side effects? Same goes for us who are NOT on board with the vaccine or draconian measures to discriminate.

  4. How about something better like an an “immunity passport”…let’s follow science folks..if you have antibodies it doesn’t matter if you obtained them through natural means (having previously had Covid) or the experimental vaccine. Either way, same end result. There is no precidant of needing to be vaccinated for a disease you’ve already had.

  5. Sounds an awful lot like “Papers Please” to me. We have been going twice a year for 15 years. That will come to an end if this is implemented.

  6. This from the party that refuses to consider voter IDs.
    First voter IDs then we can consider vaccine passports.

  7. I guess human kind doesnt learn from history. When was the last time people had to show their papers. This is a experimental vaccine and there are variants like the flu. Noone knows the long term effects this vaccine will cause. Its very sad that people are willing to give away their freedoms for supposed security. Plus people are coming in our country without being tested , without masks but yet we got to b stuck with masks and a experimental vaccine . No ty come b when a few years have passed and we will get a better picture of long term effects and efficacy .

  8. I think it could be really interesting if Florida bans vaccine proof but Disney wants it. Disney could certainly sue the state and ultimately take it to the Supreme Court. Previously, similar rulings on health and safety by SCOTUS have generally held that private entities can require employees and customers to prove health requirements, regardless of state or local legislation. It falls into certain Bill of Rights.

    And to all of you saying, “I’ll never go there again,” good! Just one less body I have to dodge as I stroll through the parks.

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