PHOTOS: “Abandoned Pygmy Welcoming Party” Hut Now Also Removed from Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom

Since yesterday, more of the “abandoned Pygmy welcoming party” scene has been removed from the Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom.


Following the removal of the spears, the hut in the background is now gone.


All that remains in the scene are these canoes.


This leaves quite a bit of empty beach to the left of the scene.


Here is what the scene previously looked like, including both the spears and the hut.

Other changes around the Jungle Cruise include the removal of Trader Sam and the “Trapped Safari” rhino pole. Trader Sam’s animatronic will be replaced with “Trader Sam’s Gift Shop,” and the rhino pole scene will be updated to include more diverse characters. The Disneyland version of the ride is also being updated but remains closed as the rest of the park opens.

This is the latest in a series of changes to address inclusion and cultural sensitivity around the parks. The Jungle Cruise at Disneyland will be receiving a refurbishment as well and will not be opening alongside the resort on April 30th.

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    1. Yes. Disney is very woke right now. Disney will kill itself since the more woke they get the closer to getting broke they will get. Watch the Frontierland shooting gallery get removed for somehow “promoting violence “

  1. Wouldn’t it be better if they replaced each element one at a time rather than stripping the whole thing out? They’re going to run out of jokes at this rate

  2. At this rate, there is no need to even consider the ride. I can see more action down our street after a rain……

  3. Hmm, wouldn’t it be cool if they had actual living performers hiding in the bushes or in the scenes? I remember the Universal Studios Hollywood tram tour had actual actors in it (just the psycho motel scene)

  4. Hey all, pretty sure many of these changes have to do with the upcoming release of the movie “Jungle Cruise” starring Dwayne Johnson & Emily Blunt. Disney is likely changing the ride to contain elements of the movie plot, plus it’s long overdue for a refresh, in my opinion!

  5. Now we wait until It’s a small world is removed. For somehow having “racial stereotypes “.

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