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Rail Added to Storybook Circus Train Tracks, Work Continues on TRON Lightcycle Run in Magic Kingdom

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Rails now connect the newly laid Walt Disney World Railroad tracks in Storybook Circus and construction continues on the TRON Lightcycle / Run walkways.

railroad tracks 1

The tracks end right in front of the TRON Lightcycle / Run sign outside the construction site.

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railroad tracks 4

A cart and a few other construction materials sat next to the track, but it looks mostly completed.

railroad tracks 2
railroad tracks 5
railroad tracks

The new track stretches through the Storybook Circus station.

railroad tracks 38 scaled

Behind Space Mountain, crews recently reconnected two sections of track.

railroad tracks 41 scaled

Vehicles and materials have moved out of the area for now.

railroad tracks 40 scaled
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The Walt Disney World Railroad is closed due to construction of TRON Lightcycle / Run.

tron construction 15 2 scaled

Crews have mostly been working on the new coaster’s entrance and exterior walkways.

tron construction 25 1 scaled

Curved concrete walls outline a second walkway that will go beneath the first.

tron construction 27 1 scaled

The second walkway may connect Tomorrowland to Storybook Circus.

tron construction 21 1 scaled

The ground has mostly been flattened in the area.

tron construction 20 1 scaled

There is a planter between the two walkways, with a wooden railing around it.

tron construction 30 1 scaled

Crews have been adding a second layer of pavement to the main walkway.

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tron construction 29 1 scaled

A short strip of wood crosses the walkway to another planter. The sidewalk in front of the wood has yet to be repaved.

tron construction 24 1 scaled

Paving carts sit at the end of the walkway.

tron construction 36 1 scaled

A curved wall partially encased in concrete connects the walkway and the neighboring train tunnel.

tron construction 14 2 scaled

The curved tunnel roof seems to be complete on this side of the coaster.

tron construction 33 1 scaled

The end of the curved roof is slanted.

tron construction 32 1 scaled

A stretch of tunnel wall still has exposed rebar sticking out of it.

tron construction 37 1 scaled

Some construction materials sit inside the tunnel.

tron construction 35 1 scaled
tron construction 28 1 scaled

At the entrance to the coaster, two large crates sit beneath the small canopy framework.

tron construction 9 2 scaled

From Storybook Circus, we got a look at the lockers building.

tron construction 10 1 scaled

There is still some exposed weather-proof sheathing around the building entrance. A steel piece was recently added above the entrance.

tron construction 7 2 scaled

It looks like crews have finished installing white paneling around the edge of the canopy.

tron construction 8 2 scaled

We could see some grey sheets still stuck to the paneling behind a tree.

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  1. I’m still waiting for the opening of Tron! and Awesome Update of Tron!

  2. It would have been nice if they added a curve or bubble awning to match the rest. This will stick out. Too bad.

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