Crews Continue Working on TRON Lightcycle Run Walkways, Tomorrowland Light & Power Co., and Walt Disney World Railroad at Magic Kingdom

Crews are working hard on several areas of TRON Lightcycle / Run in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom, in addition to the canopy lighting testing which has been occurring recently.

There will be two walkways under the exterior portion of the coaster: one leading to the ride’s entrance, the other leading to Storybook Circus.

The main walkway, leading to the entrance, is mostly completed.

Work has begun on the foundation of the Storybook Circus walkway, which leads under the other one.

Concrete walls outline the walkway’s path.

A curved oval has been constructed in the ground near the walls, with a formation of rebar sticking out of it.

When we rode by on the PeopleMover, we saw several crew members working where the two walkways cross each other.

There is an empty planter between the two walkways, and another at the beginning of the main walkway.

The planter on the main walkway will have a sign for TRON Lightcycle / Run – according to concept art. The other may hold a sign indicating the second walkway’s trajectory.

Beneath the main walkway, we can see short wooden walls outlining the Storybook Circus walkway’s path.

Permanent railings have yet to be installed around the main walkway or the planters.

Temporary wood railings are in place for now.

Crews have been adding another layer of pavement to the main walkway. The line of wood panels running up the walkway is likely for a construction vehicle or cart, so as not to damage this top layer.

There are two sections of the sidewalk to either side of the planter that still need another layer of pavement.

A pickup truck was parked at the front of the walkway, pulling a bed of materials wrapped in tarps.

The Walt Disney World Railroad will also travel beneath the coaster, through a tunnel next to the walkways.

The curved roof of the tunnel seems complete on this side. One of the walls extends past the roof, and still has rebar sticking out of it.

Earlier this week, we noticed that crews had dug a large hole at the exit of the tunnel. Today, we saw a crew member working in the hole on a grid of wood planks.

Curved supports over the other end of the main walkway will eventually be covered with canopy pieces.

We have seen crew members working on this smaller canopy framework for several weeks in cherry pickers and scissor lifts.

Themed elements were recently added to the building entrance. A white circle is visible above the doors, which will hold the device that ”zaps” guests into The Grid.

There’s more to see over in Storybook Circus.

It looks like some tarps are hanging inside of this end of the Walt Disney World Railroad tunnel.

Plastic is around the edge of the tunnel, which is slightly slanted.

A crew member was working on a wall next to the tunnel.

Crews have installed white paneling around the edge of most of the large TRON Lightcycle / Run canopy. We can also see some of the smaller entrance canopy supports, which are attached to the framework of the main canopy.

This small building is likely to house lockers for storage of personal items while riding the attraction.

Paneling has yet to be installed around the entrance of it, so weather-proof sheathing is still exposed.

The green section above the entrance will likely hold a sign.

A mesh of rebar is on the ground below, attached to a wooden structure, and seems to be forming a wall.

Behind the lockers building, we could see some construction vehicles and materials.

Crews are also working on the side of Tomorrowland Light & Power Co., the Space Mountain gift shop.

Guests will walk past the store to reach TRON Lightcycle / Run from Tomorrowland. The decorative towers were removed from the store earlier in the modification process.

The overhang above the doors — which are currently blocked from the inside — and the columns that the towers were previously attached too are covered in tarps.

We haven’t seen many obvious changes since the towers were removed, but some exposed steel was visible beneath the blue tarp during today’s trip.

Crew members in a cherry picker have been working at this corner of the building during our last few visits.

It’s not immediately obvious what they are doing, however.

We could see this crew member using a small tool on an area next to the white tarp.

The store remains open during this construction work.

Disney has not announced an opening timeframe for TRON Lightcycle / Run or the Walt Disney World Railroad. Rumors point to a fall 2022 opening for the coaster at the earliest, but we may not be able to ride it until 2023.

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  1. I can’t hardly wait for Tron:Lightcycle/run at the Magic Kingdom And the Signage of Tron: Tron/Lightcycle run! Including the Walt Disney World Railroad too!

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