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Journey Into Inebriation – Woman Sets Off Social Media with Drunken EPCOT Ejection Tour

Social media exploded yesterday with numerous videos of a woman’s loud, rowdy, and sometimes hilarious removal from EPCOT during the 2022 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival. The journey seems to start in the UK Pavilion, where an apparently drunken woman can be seen being restrained by other members of her party as she argues with Disney Security and Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies.

TikTok user @corasmomster starts our tale with a video and caption “On our way out of Epcot, we encountered a little situation”. Warning: this story contains adult language and lewd gestures. The woman can be heard screaming “You’re the cops! You have every right!” and “I’ve done nothing wrong!” while simultaneously seeming to ask to be arrested as she is directed towards the park exit. She is eventually placed in a wheelchair, and the drunken EPCOT ejection appears to be calming down.

However, this tale is far from over. While law enforcement is present, and the woman appears to be in the process of being removed from the park, she is not taken through nearby backstage areas, or through the International Gateway, just steps away. Instead, this parade is headed all the way to the front of the park.

The action picks up again, as @corasmomster films the unruly guest shouting “No! You will not do this to me!” in the walkway near the restrooms between Canada and the Imagination Pavilion. Someone can be heard saying “Lady, let go!” as she loudly refuses to cooperate and shouts at other guests. Items seem to be thrown to the ground at this point, and are retrieved by a Disney Cast Member.

As the saga continues, @coramomster continues to film as the woman appears to calm down, while a patient party member pushes her in the wheelchair. However, the mood quickly intensifies again, as she shouts at a deputy “Look at me in my eyes!” She is restrained in the wheelchair as she tries to rise to confront the puzzled and seemingly patient deputy. But the drunken EPCOT ejection continues.

EPCOT woman drunk 3
A screenshot from the video by @corasmomster

Please excuse my recording skills, I’m holding a toddler 😭😂 #sagacontinues #epcot #fypシ #drunkatepcot #mostmagicalplaceonearth

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♬ original sound – Adriana Perez

As we arrive near the park entrance, the woman has dismounted (or fallen out of) the wheelchair, and appears to have more choice words and musters up one little spark of imagination for a rude gesture directed at deputies.


This lady had all these cops plus more waiting outside the park 👀 I’m still trying to figure out why it escalated to this?! Anyone who was there and knows, please elaborate. I’m genuinely curious. #fypシ #epcot #viral #cops #drunkatepcot #foodandwinefestival2022

♬ original sound – Adriana Perez
A woman makes a lewd gesture towards a deputy during her drunken EPCOT ejection.
A Disney guest at EPCOT gestures towards Orange County Sheriff’s deputies as she’s escorted from the park. Screenshot from @corasmomster TikTok video

She is eventually put back into the wheelchair, but attempts to get out of it again on her way out, eventually ending on the ground. She finally staggers towards the exit, presumably to head for the parking lot, where hopefully anyone but her was driving.

While the social media reaction has been huge, this is where the drunken EPCOT ejection story ends for now. Puzzlingly, it doesn’t appear the woman was ever arrested or detained by Orange County Sheriff’s deputies.

@corasmomster provides a full recap of her view of the events in a final recap.


Replying to @jazzlettuce97 I am only able to talk about what I witnessed. For those of you asking why I started recording, originally it was to show my parents what was happening on the one day they do not join us. From what I can see going around, clearly I was not the only one who posted 👀

♬ original sound – Adriana Perez

This is the latest in a long line of wild Walt Disney World incidents, including fights at the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and more than once aboard ferryboats.

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  1. Hey Bob, how’s the family from Denver that only comes once every 5 years working out? (Hope she isn’t a passholder…..)

    1. Just another day in sunny Florida. Another drunk Karen who supposedly loves the cops now cursing out the cops and not getting arrested. Happens all the time.

    1. Go back to having alcohol only at Pleasure Island. Zero reason to have it at a place built for kids to enjoy with their families. Walt would be proud!

    2. Exactly. Every time I’ve been to Epcot in recent years it’s filled with rowdy drunk people. In the World Showcase on the weekends in particular any family atmosphere is non-existent. Numerous bachelorette parties, guests wearing “Drinking Around the World” and “Drunkerbelle” shirts with pictures of inebriated Disney characters, everywhere we looked people walking around with multiple alcoholic drinks in hand. Bringing my extended family I felt the need to keep apologizing and explaining the park didn’t used to be like this. Walt would be absolutely appalled at the current state of Epcot when his entire purpose for creating the parks was to create a family atmosphere and avoid the seedy carnivals. Now that’s exactly the vibe I get in World Showcase.

    3. This is why walt didn’t want alcohol at the parks…..just saying. My uncle was a cast member so I did see Disney a lot but folks even if not we’ll off used to be so much more courteous and well mannered. The higher the prices go the more entitled folks are it seems.

  2. The only thing worth looking at or mentioning is the HOT COPS escorting them out of the park. Can we get a “WOO HOO” for Law Enforcement!!

  3. And now the parks are considering serving hard alcohol. DL/DW do you really think this is a good idea? This is the very reason Walt didn’t want alcohol at his parks.

  4. Alcohol can be serve at parks in certain places.

    I believe we need to help people consume alcohol responsibly. I feel security should have restrain her to wheel chair and exit her from the park or put in detoxing room near the drink area consumption accord. Letting other guest see that so unprofessional disney cast members. Would have shut down the park access to the area of the drunk person is move the drunk person to a private area where medical professionals and local law enforcement should help exit off the property promptly.

    Letting other guest see that stage show is pathetic. By standers Caught recording the incident should face penalties of fines $100,000 or 10 years in jail. Recording people medical emergencies. We neef to help people more to make a better tomorrow.

  5. Skipped every video. Learn landscape mode, who cares what’s above and below the subject, you get better video showing what’s to each side, can be cropped later. Another reason TT is absolute poison.

  6. So this lady paid hundreds of dollars to go to Disney, had a toddler with her, and spent all this time following around a drunk lady and filming it while holding her kid? Wicked loser and a terrible Mom

  7. While I feel like she should’ve gotten cited, at the very least, I can’t help but think, “Eh, another day in Florida.”

  8. So you followed and recorded this family all through the park and felt the need to publish it.
    Looks like her kids are following behind. I’m sure they were embarrassed enough without people recording and posting.
    Can’t imagine what it cost to get that drunk at Disney or why she was over served.

  9. This is Not Walt Disney’s family place anymore. Long gone. The world has turned into a chit hole by the loonie left. Very sad.

  10. Now they are going to allow liquor in Magic Kingdom..I’m sorry if people can’t do a day in that park without a drink then they have a drinking problem.

  11. These public displays of reality do not belong in the happiest place. It ruins the illusion. Fine if they want to have alcohol on the menu but serve it with the warning that drunken displays of bad behavior will result in immediate removal and trespassing from the parks. The risk is theirs to bear. I’m tired of this.

  12. Two thoughts: 1) how much does it cost to get this drunk at Disney???? 2) this is just a small example of the abuse police put up with on a daily basis.

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