NEW Disney 100th Anniversary Jacket and Pillow Arrive at Walt Disney World

Two more items in the Disney100 line, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company, have arrived at Walt Disney World. We found a new jacket and throw pillow in the Emporium at Magic Kingdom.

Disney 100th Anniversary Jacket – $69.99

WDW MK Disney100 Jacket 10

Florida’s current cold front has jackets and sweaters front and center in the Emporium. The new Disney100 jacket is a black windbreaker with a zip front. There are two large pockets.

WDW MK Disney100 Jacket 12

On the front left breast is an Art Deco style frame with Mickey Mouse in the center. He’s dressed for the platinum anniversary in a silver tailcoat and purple shorts. This is a variation on the new costume we’ve seen for Mickey (though it’s currently unknown if they will appear at Walt Disney World).

WDW MK Disney100 Jacket 13

The sleeves have fitted elastic cuffs.

WDW MK Disney100 Jacket 14

The hem is also elastic.

WDW MK Disney100 Jacket 3

The back of the jacket has the large Art Deco Disney100 logo.

WDW MK Disney100 Jacket 4

The geometric framing and the large “Disney 100” are in white. Mickey and Friends appear in their special anniversary outfits.

WDW MK Disney100 Jacket 5

Pluto has a platinum and purple collar with a “100” tag.

WDW MK Disney100 Jacket 6

Mickey is in his tailcoat again, while Minnie sports a silvery dress and bow with a purple belt. Chip and Dale are in matching tailcoats as well.

WDW MK Disney100 Jacket 7

Goofy is wearing a similar tailcoat, while Donald has opted for purple. Daisy is wearing a silver dress with a fluffy white boa and silver bangles.

WDW MK Disney100 Jacket 8

Tinker Bell, in her own special silver dress, is above the Disney logo.

Walt Disney World Throw Pillow – $

WDW MK Disney100 Walt Disney World pillow 1

This Disney100 pillow is Walt Disney World specific, with the resort’s logo embroidered in silver across a silhouette of Cinderella Castle. Tinker Bell, in her silver dress, hovers above the castle.

WDW MK Disney100 Walt Disney World pillow 2
WDW MK Disney100 Walt Disney World pillow 3
WDW MK Disney100 Walt Disney World pillow 4
WDW MK Disney100 Walt Disney World pillow 5
WDW MK Disney100 Walt Disney World pillow 6

The other side has Art Deco fan-like designs at each corner, which are adorned with silver tassels. Unfortunately, the tassels were starting to fall to pieces on the pillows we saw in the store today.

WDW MK Disney100 Walt Disney World pillow 7

A large Mickey icon is embroidered in silver against the decorative framing. “Disney 100” is in the center, while each ear features a burst of silver stars and shapes reminiscent of fireworks.

WDW MK Disney100 Walt Disney World pillow 10

Check out the other Disney 100 merchandise we’ve found at Walt Disney World:

The 100th anniversary celebrations officially kick off as part of New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and then really get started on January 27 at Disneyland Resort. Walt Disney World and the international Disney Parks will also join the festivities throughout the year.

There is also the Disney100: The Exhibition coming to Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute. And plenty of merchandise will be available outside the parks, including food, LEGOs, an Oswald collection by Givenchy, and more.

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