New Disney 100th Anniversary Plush, Pins, Ornaments, and More Arrive at Walt Disney World

Starting on January 27, The Walt Disney Company will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. We recently found new Disney 100th anniversary plush, pins, ornaments, and more arriving at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Mickey and Friends Disney 100 Beach Towel – $29.99

Disney100 beach towel 1

A souvenir beach towel commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company at Walt Disney World. The latest addition to the Disney100 Celebration Collection features Tinker Bell, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, and Chip ‘n’ Dale.

Disney100 beach towel 5

A white castle outline stands out from the signature purple that has been used to mark the 100th Anniversary celebration. Goofy tips his hat as each of the Disney characters celebrate the occasion in their platinum and purple formalwear.

Disney100 beach towel 2

The Walt Disney World Resort logo lines the bottom of the towel. Disney’s 100 Years of Wonder logo can be seen among fireworks and starbursts toward the top.

Disney100 beach towel 6

This absorbent terrycloth towel is printed on its top side only. The towel measures in at 64″ long and 34″ wide.

Disney100 beach towel 4

This commemorative Disney100 Beach Towel was found at World of Disney in Disney Springs.

Disney100 beach towel 3

Disney100 Limited Edition Pin – $34.99

Disney100 merch large pin 1

A limited-release oversized pin also allows guests to celebrate the milestone anniversary. The white and “platinum” pin features Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Tinkerbell, and Chip ‘n’ Dale.

Disney100 merch large pin2

Tinkerbell is seen flying above the castle while Mickey and the rest of his friends are showing off the white “100” logo seen throughout much of the collection. The characters adorn their silver and purple formalwear.

Disney100 merch large pin3

This large Disney 100 pin can be found at Frontier Trading Post in Magic Kingdom. It has a limited edition size of 4,000.

Disney100 merch large pin4

Mickey and Friends Disney 100 Sketchbook Ornament Set – $49.99

Disney100 merch ornament set 1

This set of five ornaments shows off Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Goofy, showing off the platinum and purple garb. The art-deco bases feature ”Disney 100” logo plates.

Disney100 merch ornament set4

Claw clasps don satin purple ribbon for easy hanging. The sculpted ornaments stand at roughly 3″ tall, with Goofy being a bit taller and Donald Duck a little shorter.

Disney100 merch ornament set3

The Disney100 Ornament Set is part of the Sketchbook Ornament and Disney 100 Celebration Collections and was found at Creations Shop.

Disney100 merch ornament set5

Mickey and Friends Disney 100 Water Bottle – $22.99

Disney100 merch water bottle goofy

A commemorative water bottle features screen art of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy in their sparkling anniversary attire.

Disney100 merch water bottle 3

The bottle is made from double-walled plastic and holds 20 ounces of your favorite beverage.

Disney100 merch water bottle 2

The Walt Disney World Resort logo is also screen-printed in white on the side of the water bottle.

Disney100 merch water bottle 6

Mickey points to his chest as he proudly dons his 100th Anniversary celebration outfit.

5Disney100 merch water bottle

Goofy offers a tip of the hat in his sparkly platinum and purple formalwear.

Disney100 merch water bottle 4

Donald, too, throws his hands up in excitement for the anniversary.

Disney100 merch water bottle 7

Art Deco-styled designs surround the characters. We found this water bottle at World of Disney.

Disney 100 Assorted Character Pins – $14.99 each

Disney100 merch pins overall

An assortment of character pins have been spotted as part of the Disney100 excitement. They are each “platinum,” with one color highlighted.

Disney100 merch pins grouping5

Snow White offers a curtsy, Miguel plays a song on his acoustic guitar, and Elsa casts out the cold in these three pins.

Disney100 merch pins grouping6

Moana is looking fierce next to Minnie, who adorns her signature red bow. Donald looks dapper in his classic blue sailor uniform.

Disney100 merch pins grouping4

Of course, it’s Dumbo’s ears that are highlighted in his Disney100 character pin. Alice and Tinkerbell don their signature blue and green, respectively.

Disney100 merch pins grouping3

Chewbacca is silver with his bandolier in brown. Winnie the Pooh appears to be rubbing his tummy underneath his red t-shirt. Grogu, of course, is green.

Disney100 merch pins grouping2

Mulan is ready to attack in green. An orange Nemo swims out from between anenome, while Woody gives out a “Howdy, partner” in his yellow plaid shirt.

Disney100 merch pins grouping 1

A playful yellow Simba gives way to a proud Mickey in his iconic red shorts. Tiana’s bow and dress stand out in green.

We found all of these Disney 100 pins at the Emporium in Magic Kingdom.

Disney 100th Anniversary Plush – $34.99 each

Disney100 merch plush group 2

Mickey and Friends are ready to celebrate in style with this collection of Disney100 plushes. Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and Chip n’ Dale were all spotted in their platinum and purple. A Disney “100 Years of Wonder” emblem is on each character plush.

Mickey Mouse Disney100 Plush

Disney100 merch plush mickey 1

Mickey sports a metallic tuxedo jacket and shoes and satin purple pants with stripes on both sides.

Disney100 merch plush mickey 3
Disney100 merch plush mickey 2
Disney100 merch plush mickey 4

Mickey measures a bit taller than one foot. The back of his curtailed tuxedo jacket is embroidered with fireworks and starbursts.

Disney100 merch plush mickey 5

Minnie Mouse Disney100 Plush

Disney100 merch plush minnie 1

Not to be outdone, Minnie Mouse is also serving up 100th Anniversary vibes in a matching Disney100 outfit.

Disney100 merch plush minnie 2

Minnie wears a platinum dress with a purple bow.

Disney100 merch plush minnie 3
Disney100 merch plush minnie 4

Like all the plush in this collection, she has a hexagonal Disney 100 Years of Wonder emblem on the bottom of her left foot.

Disney100 merch plush minnie 5

Chip ‘n’ Dale Disney100 Plush

Disney100 merch plush chip n dale2

Chip ‘n’ Dale wear matching silver suitcoats with black bowties.

Disney100 merch plush chip n dale 1
Disney100 merch plush chip n dale 3
Disney100 merch plush chip and dale 5

Pluto Disney100 Plush

Disney100 merch plush pluto1

Pluto has a silver collar with a sparkling 100 tag.

Disney100 merch plush pluto 6
Disney100 merch plush pluto 7
Disney100 merch plush pluto 8
Disney100 merch plush pluto2
Disney100 merch plush pluto 4
Disney100 merch plush pluto3

All of the plush can be found at the Emporium.

Disney 100 Youth T-shirt- $29.99

Disney100 merch youth shirt 1

Your little one can get in on the 100 Years of Wonder celebration with this t-shirt featuring Daisy and Minnie in their celebratory best.

Disney100 merch youth shirt 2

The shirt is black with a glittery “platinum” bottom.

Disney100 merch youth shirt 3

Minnie and Daisy are dressed in their shimmering platinum costumes.

Disney100 merch youth shirt 6

The Disney 100 logo is on the inside tag.

Disney100 merch youth shirt 10

Across the upper back of the shirt is Walt Disney World lettering in puffy paint, similar to a Spirit Jersey.

Disney100 merch youth shirt 9

The bottom back of the shirt is just as sparkly as the front.

Disney100 merch youth shirt 4

“Platinum” pixie dust is sprinkled throughout the bottom of the shirt, front and back.

This youth t-shirt can be found at the Emporium.

Disney 100 Youth Holographic Skort – $29.99

100th Youth Holographic Skort

Characters are scattered throughout the skort, surrounded by the Disney 100 logo and starbursts amid a silvery, holographic background.

100th Youth Holographic Skort

Beneath the outer “skirt” are built-in shorts. The outer skirt is gathered to look like a bow.

100th Youth Holographic Skort

The shorts are the same material as the outer skirt in the pattern.

100th Youth Holographic Skort

In this close-up of the skort, we can more clearly see Mickey, Minnie, Chip and Dale, Goofy, and Pluto.

100th Youth Holographic Skort

The back of the skort is flat, and the design repeats all around. The Disney 100 Youth Holographic Skort can be found at Creations Shop in EPCOT.

Disney 100 Youth Hoodie – $44.99

100th youth hoodie

The Walt Disney World logo, in “platinum” puffy lettering can be found down the left sleeve of this purple sweatshirt.

100th youth hoodie

Mickey is found front and center. He is embroidered in his 100th celebration best. The Disney 100 logo is below, and Mickey sits against an art deco frame.

100th youth hoodie

Mickey and Friends are gathered in front of Cinderella Castle in on the back of the sweatshirt.

100th youth hoodie

Stars and fireworks surround our friends as they celebrate this milestone. We found the Disney 100 youth hoodie at Creations Shop in EPCOT.

Disney 100 Youth Joggers – $34.99

100th youth joggers

Too cold for a skort? Pair your new youth hoodie with these joggers.

100th youth joggers

An embroidered Mickey with the Disney 100 logo can be found on the left front side of the joggers.

100th youth joggers

“Disney 100: 100 Years of Wonder” is in dimensional puffy platinumthe right pant leg.

100th youth joggers

An elastic waist and elastic cuffs complete the joggers. The Disney 100 youth joggers can also be found at Creations Shop.

Disney 100 Adult Joggers – $49.99

100th adult sweatpants

You can match your little one with these Disney 100 adult joggers.

100th adult sweatpants

The adult joggers have an elasticized, drawstring waistband. Mickey is embroidered on the upper left side of the jogger.

100th adult sweatpants

The Disney 100 Years of Wonder logo is in three-dimensional platinum down the right leg of the jogger.

IMG 4943

On the adult version of the jogger, there is a slat pocket on the upper right back. The Disney 100 Adult joggers can also be found at Creations Shop.

Will you be adding any of these new Disney 100 commemorative items to your collection? Let us know in the comments below.

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