Disney Cancelling Low Occupancy Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Voyages

Some guests have reported that their summer 2023 Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser voyages were canceled, and they were offered a different voyage date.

summer 2023 swgs calendar

Voyages beginning on the following dates have been canceled and are no longer available according to the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser calendar: July 4, 12, 17, August 1, 7, 15, 27, September 4, and 12.

Disney is calling guests affected by the cancelations and offering to move them to different voyages at a 50% discount.

Demand for the expensive “Star Wars” experience has fallen significantly, with some voyages operating at only 25% capacity.

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser opened in March 2022 at Walt Disney World. The experience starts at nearly $5000 per cabin and offers a three-day, two-night immersive “Star Wars” adventure on a fictitious cruise ship where guests become part of a conflict between the Resistance and the First Order. It includes an excursion to Batuu, themed meals, and live entertainment, including a climactic battle for the galaxy.

The Halcyon (as it’s called in-universe) has 100 guest rooms, including 94 Standard Cabins that sleep up to 5, four Galaxy Class Suites that sleep up to 4, and two Grand Captain Suites that sleep up to 8.

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9 thoughts on “Disney Cancelling Low Occupancy Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Voyages”

  1. Wow, who would have thought that a fake cruise to space inside windowless cabins and boxcar trucks would wane in popularity? That’s crazy. Almost like people go on vacation to enjoy themselves, and not join a theater troupe at an exorbitant price!

    Here’s the silver lining though. People would absolutely pay for a deluxe Star Wars themed hotel. A NORMAL hotel, without all the acting. Do character meet and greets, add an indoor pool, and you could turn this “ship” around.

  2. It’s an overpriced stare at your phone experience. It needs real activities, like an indoor pool deck with a roof that similates outer space views–stars, nebulas. Kids play areas. Adults only experiences. Spa experiences. Have multiple dining room experiences–rotational dining. They have cruise ships that are extremely popular–they can bring those experiences to the Star Wars Motel 6. It should be cheaper than a cruise on the Wish (with the Wish you actually go somewhere).

  3. disney fleeced the customers with the star wars schtick. now that the new and shiny has been worn off, this comes as no surprise.

  4. This looks like a great place for DVC to “buy” Maybe save a few rooms for the general public, but if they incorporated it into a DVC, it would get used.

  5. I think anyone could have seen this coming. After having a resident annual pass for 15 years and having stayed at every Disney Resort at least one time, and being a huge Star Wars fan, there was no way I could afford this “experience”. I think there’s 2 types of “I can’t afford this.” The first type is where you know it’s too expensive but you try to sell a few things on eBay or come up with a strategy to afford it. Thinking like staying in a waterview room at Grand Floridian. Then there’s Type 2 where the price point is so high, you just write it off with a “too rich for my blood” kind of expensive and forget about it. This experience I think is a type 2 for most people. Or if they are going to spend $5K, they’ll go stay at a Four Seasons hotel in Bali for more than 2 nights. As a Star Wars fan, I wasn’t particularly enraptured but the description of the experience and I had no FOMO once it opened. Star Wars fans i know would rather spend money like that at Star Wars fan conventions (“Star Wars Celebration” events) where they get to meet the actors – big names like Ewan McGregor and the merchandise at those conventions.

    Because the price is SO high at WDW, you’re only mingling with really wealthy people and not getting to hang out with fans from diverse places to swap stories or theories about Star Wars with. It’s unattainable for the middle class and lower crowd, which probably where their biggest fan base is.

  6. Disney needs to think about a Plan B for this resort. End the immersive experience to make it a boutique premium Disney report priced on par with the Grand Floridian and Animal Kingdom Lodge. Let guests book as many nights as they wish, have the resort bus service come to the property, let anyone book a meal in the restaurant through the Disney app. If the property became a high-end regular resort it would be sold out every day of the year.


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