Galaxy’s Edge Returns to WDWNTunes with Star Wars Music, Radio Dramas, and More!

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Galaxy’s Edge connection re-established… downloading WDWNTunes protocol… begin re-welcoming procedures! Hi, there! This is DJ R-3X! You might remember me from my time as a Star Tours captain, but ever since Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened, I’ve been spinning tracks over at Oga’s Cantina as the galaxy’s greatest DJ! A few months back, this alien called ‘Tahm Corrr Lesssh’ told … Read more

WDWNTunes Now On Live365 With Two New Park Announcers!

WDWNTunes park announcers

In a move to improve your listening experience, WDWNTunes introduces its very own park announcers! Ever since 2010, WDWNTunes has been bringing you the music from the Disney Parks 24/7, with themed music blocks, original WDWNT programming, commercials breaks and so much more. And now, we’re proud to announce the beginning of a new era in our history: we’re … Read more

Celebrate Disneyland’s Anniversary with Disneyland Resort Exclusive Music on WDWNTunes!

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This July 17th, WDWNTunes is your land as we celebrate the Disneyland Resort “Uniques”! 64 years ago, Disneyland opened, bringing with it a new age in the history theme parks in general. And though it seems like the company doesn’t really care that much about the park’s history, we here at WDWNTunes wanted to pay a loving tribute to this, one of … Read more

Travel Back to 1955 with The Disneyland Opening Day Block on WDWNTunes!

opening day block

To all who come to this happy Opening Day Celebration, welcome. WDWNTunes is your station! Next week is Disneyland’s 64th anniversary and we just couldn’t wait to start celebrating. That’s why we’re premiering an all-new block featuring only Disneyland Opening Day music! From July 11th to July 16th, at 3PM, we’ll play the kind of music you … Read more

Celebrate 4th of July With An All-Day Salute To America on WDWNTunes!

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Welcome to WDWNTunes’ salute to all holidays but mostly the 4th of July! O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of… well, you know the lyrics! And that’s just one of the many songs you’ll be able to listen this 4th of July as WDWNTunes gets all dressed in red, white and blue to celebrate America’s birthday! The Disney Parks … Read more

Celebrate the Future Today with All-Day Innoventions Music on WDWNTunes!

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It’s a great big beautiful world of Innoventions as we celebrate this beloved attraction at WDWNTunes! With the recent announcement of the Play Pavilion and the upcoming demolitions for the much talked about Project Gamma, it seems as if we’re getting closer and closer to the end of Innoventions, the once-beloved showcase of innovative inventions at EPCOT (and for a while, at Disneyland … Read more

Galaxy’s Edge Takes Over WDWNTunes with Star Wars Music, Radio Dramas, and More!

wdwntunes galaxy's edge rex and aly san san

Galaxy’s Edge connection established… downloading WDWNTunes protocol… begin welcoming procedures! Hi, there! This is DJ R-3X! You might remember me from my time as a Star Tours captain, but ever since Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened, I’ve been spinning tracks over at Oga’s Cantina as the galaxy’s greatest DJ! My skills were so great that I impressed this alien called … Read more

Tune In For Hollywood Studios Appreciation Week on WDWNTunes!

studios appreciation week

This week, WDWNTunes is going hooray for Hollywood with the Studios Appreciation Week! Aaaah, Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Though the park has been changed quite a lot during its 30 years, one thing remains constant: its wonderful music. From the heart-clenching strings of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror to the bygone movie classics of the Great Movie Ride, … Read more

Pleasure Island Celebration on WDWNTunes – Listen to Early 2000s Top 40 Hits, Adventurers Club Songs, The Forbidden Disney Musical, and More!

pleasure island jessicantunes

KUNGALOOSH! Welcome to WDWNTunes day long celebration of Pleasure Island! Today, WDWNT is celebrating Pleasure Island. Many of you are probably joining us at our Pleasure Beach event tonight, but you can still celebrate Pleasure Island from the comfort of your home… how? By joining WDWNTunes Pleasure Island Celebration! This past week, we’ve been celebrating Pleasure Island with twice daily … Read more

Listen to All Your Favorite Throwback Jams During Pleasure Island Week, Only on WDWNTunes!

pleasure island

Get your party favors, because this week, WDWNTunes is celebrating Pleasure Island! Thirty years ago, Pleasure Island opened to the delight of many guests. And though its clubs have long been gone, its memory lives on to this day! That’s why WDWNTunes is joining the celebration, which already features the Pleasure Beach event, by launching its own week-long celebration of Pleasure Island! One … Read more

WDWNTunes Is Now UniversalTunes – 24/7 Music From The Universal Parks!

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Breaking news! Say goodbye to WDWNTunes, and say hello to UniversalTunes, broadcasting music, movies and more movies! Ever since 2010, we’ve been the home of WDWNTunes––but that’s about to change. Thanks to a sizable investment from Universal Parks & Resorts, at midnight on April 1st, WDWNTunes will now become UniversalTunes! “Everyone talks about how much they like the music … Read more

WDWNTunes Brings You 24/7 Disney Parks Music, Current & Extinct Attraction BGM, WDWNT Original Programming, and More!

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WDWNTunes is the place where you can find the one thing any Disney fan loves: the music! What is WDWNTunes? Join us and find out! Ever since 2010, we’ve been the home of WDWNTunes, broadcasting music, magic and mayhem from all over the world of Disney Parks. It’s a 24/7 radio station that has rides, … Read more