PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 8/15/19 (Rainbow Popcorn, Construction Updates, and Forky is Back!)

We’re back at Epcot on a rainy summer day for another WDWNT Photo Report! Let’s get this park walk started and see what’s happening!

With the construction walls up around the old entrance planter and the remaining Leave A Legacy monuments, there’s not much space left at the moment at the entrance of Epcot. It bottlenecks pretty bad right now, and doesn’t leave much space for any families wanting to take photos in front of Spaceship Earth. Not that it’s all that picturesque of a view right now, with all of the construction walls, and the trees obstructing the only angle you can take a photo from…

Also, about those remaining Leave A Legacy monuments… they’re all gone. The bases still remain for now, but we still expect the construction walls to stay up around this area for a while as they work to transform the entire entrance area of Epcot with Project Gamma.

Making a stop into The Seas with Nemo and Friends is always one of my favorite parts of my days at Epcot. I find the aquariums very calming, and it’s my favorite place to enjoy some air conditioning (and stay dry on a rainy day).

I stopped to check in on the Guardians of the Galaxy coaster. There was a lot of activity happening on the roof this morning, it looked like a lot of pressure washing.

From the monorail, I got a peek at a bit of track hanging out in the courtyard area in front of the entrance to the old Energy building, that will be the entrance of the attraction once it opens.

Behind the show building, there’s a new structure that’s gone vertical, that we believe will be a storage area for extra trains. It’s exciting to see some outdoor construction of this project, as most of the work has been going on indoors lately, so we haven’t gotten a good look.

Next was a stop by the Imagination Pavilion, and at the gourmet popcorn cart outside, I found this colorful new Rainbow Popcorn! Each of the colors was its own individual flavor, but be warned, this stuff will be stuck in your teeth for the rest of the day after you eat it.

In Mouse Gear, Forky has returned in a new and improved plush form! The previous version of our favorite piece of trash had actual googly eyes, which apparently had a tendency to pop off (which was very in theme for his character if you’ve seen the movie), and were thus recalled. This new Forky has stitched on eyes, solving the choking hazard problem.

Halloween merch has completely taken over the middle section of Mouse Gear. There are a lot of cool new pieces that have arrived this season, check out our post with every new item so you can plan your shopping list before your next visit.

This Candy Corn Loungefly backpack might be my personal favorite from the whole collection.

The Farewell Illuminations cups have already been marked down at Epcot, well ahead of its last show on September 30th.

In the Canada Pavilion, work is still being done on the rock facades in the back of the pavilion. The printed, themed scrim usually means they’re planning on it being there a while, but it does look much nicer than the plain tan ones that are tucked away where the waterfall used to be back by the entrance to the CircleVision theater.

Checking in at International Gateway, and the construction on the new entrance area, and there doesn’t look to be much progress since our last update. Most of this area is still a maze of hedges and construction walls as they continue construction of the Skyliner station and an update entrance area to accommodate a larger number of guests entering this way after the grand opening of the Skyliner.

I stopped in Mitsukoshi, and I’m loving the cute little Back to School section they have at the entrance. This would have been my dream set of new school supplies as a kid.

In the American Adventure, I got my first look in person at the new brickwork around the American Adventure Pavilion that was finally unveiled on our last park walk around Epcot, and I’m loving the new look. The bricks are really bright and really stand out to the flat, solid concrete we see most of the other areas in the park.

The Odyssey building is getting a bit of a refresh on its paint job. The new gray color was blending in perfectly to the storm clouds rolling into Epcot. #GoAwayGray?

That’s all for my walk around Epcot today! As always, keep checking WDWNT for all the latest updates! See you next time!

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