PHOTOS: Disney Pays for Budget Constraints Put on Toy Story Land, Now Adding Shade Structures to Woody’s Lunch Box at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The seating area of Woody’s Lunch Box in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is now being partially covered. An awning has been installed over a small section towards the back of the outdoor counter service restaurant.

The quick-service restaurant is notorious for its limited space and capacity, as the land is notorious for its lack of shade structures in general. In fact, this isn’t even the first time awning had to be added in the land, as the Slinky Dog Dash queue was the first area to receive such embellishments.

The area is currently surrounded by hedges and scrim while construction is ongoing.

The new awning is atop the red poles we saw previously.

Everything in Toy Story Land is made to resemble toys and other objects, though this mostly just looks like a metal roof. We’re sure some light theming will be applied, but it is comical that Studio Catering Co. was demolished for this land, and now what we have doesn’t look very different from that.

For now, there’s only one awning, but more will likely be installed over the pre-existing seating area later.

The awning has a white pole not yet connected to the ground.

Infamously, Toy Story Land went through some very public budget cuts following the arrival of Bob Chapek at the Parks & Resorts division, so public that concept art shown to guests was altered to temper expectations. Many an Imagineer has sounded the warning that if you don’t spend the money initially on a project, you’ll end up spending it later to fix it. This is another prime example of Disney having to fix an offering after initial budget constraints hurt it.

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  1. Looks like it’ll be clad in other materials that will likely make it match the rest of the land but far be it from this website to overreact before all the info is know or the project is finished 🙄

      1. Agreed. There is a lot of odd fastening points on those support beams that look like the exact size/shape of support needed for the K’nex style adornments to be fitted on.

        Perhaps give them until they open it up to the public before making judgements on it? lol

        1. I’m sure those are the same K’Nex supports that are used in every square inch of the land already, the roof will probably look as shoddy at the Slinky Dog one is what I am saying.

      2. To be fair, I actually agree it looks unfinished this time, it appears there are metal brackets underneath. I’ve not had much positive to say about the parks lately that’s for sure, but I do think maybe let’s wait this time.

    1. You are my hero, Joe. These cats jumped the shark a long time ago. They hate everything, but only so they can keep getting those ad dollars.

  2. Is this article title correct? Disney Pays? Did Chapek sign off on that???? When did he agree to pay for anything?

  3. So bad…

    Can’t wait for their horrible attempts at putting shade up in Avengers Campus, it’s going to be a riot.

  4. How many years have you been throwing shade about the shade? Keep on throwing shade WDWNT. If you make fun of Cheapek enough maybe we’ll get our parks back the way we enjoy them.

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